Raleigh Divorce Attorney | NC Cohabitation After Separation | 866.362.7586

Raleigh Divorce Attorney | NC Cohabitation After Separation | 866.362.7586

Cohabitation After Separation

It is important to learn how Cohabitation is defined under North Carolina Law.

Under North Carolina Law, if the court determines that a dependent spouse receiving Alimony pursuant to a court order is cohabiting, the court is required to terminate the spouses right to get Alimony payment.

Cohabitation is defined as two adults dwelling together continuously and habitually in a private relationship. The definition is further defined in the video above.

Multiple factors are involved when determine Cohabitation as it relates to Alimony.

For example, including but not limited to:

1) The number of overnights spent together
2) Whether the relationship is monogamous
3) Whether keys are shared to each other residence
4) Whether personal property such as cars are shared
5) Whether the parties attend family functions together
& More

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