Ray J Walks Outta The VERY FIRST Couples Coaching Session 👀 VH1 Couples Retreat

Ray J Walks Outta The VERY FIRST Couples Coaching Session 👀 VH1 Couples Retreat

During the first night of the getaway, Rasheeda reveals some harsh truths & Ray J storms off after things get too real at the coaching session.


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  1. I don’t feel bad for princess at all 😂😂 she basically saved teairra from Ray. So honey you wanted him, you got him. Now you had to deal with his bs. Pushing you in the pool was the first red flag to leave.

    #Karma #Payback

  2. Ray j just look soooo miserable and over her he’s staying cuz his parents stayed together and he don’t wanna look like the bad guy and princess is cool wit it as long as she can say she gotta husband lol

  3. Yandy is so classy smart, intelligent. She loves her husband. He loves Yandy to. Hope they have much happiness.

  4. People talk about rasheeda but their marriage is more of a business, if they didnt have a prenup due to kirk being her manager as well who knows what she may end up losing in a divorce.

  5. I’m so tired of Rasheeda and Kirk musty old milkdud relationship 🙄 Also Ray Jay is 40 and acts 15, I’m tired of him too.

  6. This has to be scripted. Ray J & Princess treat their own relationship as a joke they make funny remarks & give each other faces. then princess cries..why not demand respect ? ??? ? ….

  7. Mona-Scott stop it. You putting us out there too much. These couples can’t fix their problems in a public forum. Shame on you and your continuous obsession with ratings.

  8. I think Delishas needs to work on her self more after helping her husband get spontaneity help’s on offer here, as, has she no more to offer her decent man than s. Ex? Who originally trained her to do that?

    And Is that all as a female that she knows/ learned in life that she’s a se x object. So now she’s bothered when this decent man ain’t all over her every minute, like her last pervy partners? So if her ‘decent husband’ (who she’s not used to being around, decent partners), wishes to be intimate with her in a non sexual way she gets more insecure.

    As her husband mentioned her OCD and always yearning for something else, so it seems that her way of providing a personality she obviously lacks.

    She’s used to superficial with no depth, hence her ocd attached spontaneity. She’s used to being a se x object, it’s all she knows.
    So before she lose this good sincere and strong enough to try with her, man, she needs to work on her ‘inner self’, and cover her outer self, give that less time instead.

    Swap delishas. Swap yo self! From me in Uk 🇬🇧

  9. I have full respect for ray j from now he know when women ganging up on him especially the taunting wannabe syc

  10. My wife is controlling like that I’m not allowed to do anything but when she gets mad she goes with her friends and shit when I’m mad go out I have to sit in a car somewhere parked and I have to video call to prove that I’m alone lol

  11. Look at how slow and unsure he walked away, he wanted to be chased after😂then when no one chased after him he came back then later on in the clip he did the same thing too but this time people chased after him so he walked faster😂😂oh narcissists- an interesting group of people

  12. I’m a Ray J fan. My phone is acting not up to par right now because I’m using regular safari & it keeps buffering with the circle & the video doesn’t play. But I saw the commercial on tv & Ray J stay clowning foos & cool & entertainment without being fake.. Ray J said, “Did you say something, that was not the exact word for words, but it was something like that & it was it was going so hard until I couldn’t take it was so good. I have to come back & edit in his exact words when I have time, BUT you already know Ray J is fly at the mouth & those of us that love him love him.
    His effortlessly entertaining & cool as fuck

  13. Ray J is so immature and disrespectful..although i like him as an actor and a singer..i dont care for him as a partner with a woman..he always seem to be showboating..like he’s ‘da man’..just so immature to be in a relationship..let alone being married

  14. They should’ve never gotten married period. I said that from the beginning their were too many red flags and Princess knew that she just chose to ignore it

  15. She fkn still wit him…. Rrrrgh Princess come on…. Leave him 😩 no sex 🤐😒 he need his ass kicked too 🤔

  16. Princess is so Gorgeous. If this is what is happening in real life, then yes Ray J acts like a little child. He walks away, dont answer questions, he do not have patients, he get irritated when Princess or anyone ask him direct questions, henleavesvthevtable while everyone was having togerness time, ifbhenlove Princess why did he not say I love you to Princess in front of everyone at the table. No he walks away like is normal self a little child. He argues over little things, Ray J need to grow up, he is so childish. He makes us all SICK!. If this is really a true story that is pertaing to their life, then we hope Princess find her a Real Man and be happy. She deserves better. Much happiness to all.✌.

  17. Kirk and Rasheeda are too busy being busy about NUTHIN. If they didn’t have the businesses as distractions, they could possibly grow.

  18. If all of the material things were gone, what would these people have? All of them are tv and social media happy. Nothing is genuine or sincere. Just a bunch of money chasers that are spiritually and emotionally unhappy. Just 😥 sad

  19. Princess must know him by now. She must know he’s not gonna respond to public shaming so why did she do that? He’s not gonna talk if he feels like he’s getting ganged up on. Yeah he’s a big baby but you married the man, and you don’t want to leave him so suck it up and make it work sis!

  20. Yeah these people should’ve never got married and this is reason why most people don’t get married or ready to set a date if they are engaged for a few years cause people can change their attitudes towards you or behavior that’s why they take their time and growing with each other than rushing to get married

  21. Michael Blackstone girlfriend is pregnant. So happy for them. She is so beautiful. She is a breath of fresh air. Michael need to settle down. She is the one who is real, intelligent, wise, classy and she really loves him. He needs to respect her and stand up as a man and leave all those other women alone. Those other women are just around, you have to be very careful because later those women are going to all come out and start allegations and seeking money. A lot of allegations are going on. Anyway wishing them both happiness. And Michael loves his girlfriend. He was so proud of her until Michael had tears of joy. Now that is love. So proud of Michael. He is really a great guy.

  22. Ah johnson never see the women in the wrong that’s the problem she always defends the women and interview the men as wrong

  23. The way Yandy holdn mendeces arm 😒, like Gurl ?! 😒… He’s Just as Unhappy with You,, as ray is wit pcess.. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  24. Princess and Ray J are that couple that had no business getting married. Two kids later and they are more miserable than ever.

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