Real Estate Transaction Process Flowchart

Real Estate Transaction Process Flowchart

This video will cover each step to a real estate transaction on buyer, seller and lender side as it relates to real estate agents. Please comment below with any questions and suggestions for other videos you would like to see.

You can find a pdf of the flowchart here

Tim Brooks and the Ultimate Selling Team are a premier real estate team in Maryland. They work with buyers and sellers and are always looking for top talent. They can be reached at 301-693-3333 or on the web at


  1. GREAT video! Getting ready to start a new career in mortgage lending. Was looking for a good video on the home purchase process and how my end plugs in. Very helpful.

  2. Greetings Tim, my name is Leneau Crawford. I am a Licensed Real Estate Agent in New York & New Jersey with Coldwell Banker. Your video is quite informative and I thank you very much for uploading it to the world. You are appreciated my friend.

  3. I am so grateful for this video! So many videos on here give all these tips but never go into actual detail and leave things very blurry and confusing for me as a new agent. Thank you for this video

  4. Clear n Concise Video, Thanks For The Effort, Is There Ever An Instance Where The Listing Agent Can Be The Person Help Selling The Home? Thanks.

  5. ABSOLUTELY HELPFUL! Currently a new agent and I have been a little worried about the steps to take to ensure that I legally don’t forget anything and perform my duties completely. This is extremely helpful and I will use this on each transaction I receive.

  6. I ditto Iidi Pali’s comment below. Also new to the scene and this was what I’ve been looking for from day one. I love flow charts and the narrated walk through all the steps was extremely helpful! Thanks for putting this together! It’s absolutely wonderful!

  7. This is a good overview but you seem to provide more information that is very helpful but not listed on the pdf.. I watched the video and followed a print out of the chart.. also you were kinda all over the place after the first negotiations when inspection, insurance and appraisal were being explain… I will continue to watch it lol You’re great thank you for this

  8. This is exactly what I was looking for. I’m 2 weeks in and started researching for this on my own and the pdf is the exact same thing my director of operations sent to me today. Smart minds think alike! Love this, the flow chart and video! Thank you!

  9. wow! felt like something was missing whenever i tried to look for resources as a first-time home buyer…..this is it!

  10. How does it work when you have renters in a property and you’re not sure if they’re paying rent do you have to get in escrow and make an offer before you can get that information I’m looking at a property now and it seems like the renters are not cooperating with the owners but we’re not getting any more information and can’t look at the property.

  11. Man this was so helpful! I’m a new agent and this is just what I needed! Better than anything I learned in pre-licensing

  12. How will I know when the lender has the buyer sign the Loan closing disclosure? Will the lender or title inform me, or do I need to periodically call both to see if this was done. I am trying to stay on top of this so I know when my buyer can go to signing before or on closing day. …

    My broker didn’t explain in detail and gets annoyed when I ask him to explain in detail, but I want to know as much as I can so when my clients asks I have info ready for them. Can you make a video or just straight up tell me how to break-up with my shitty brokerage, and what to say to maintain professionalism? It’s a painful experience to be with a broker who is really a busy agent acting as a broker to make extra money on the side, because he doesn’t really enjoy teaching and explaining details of the transaction.

  13. By far KW knows how to train their agents, I’ve joined KW back in 2017 and without their training for new agents, i would not be where I am today. I finally capped 2019 and capped the following 4months, feels so good to get 100% commission onwards. GCI 21m San Francisco goal 30m.

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