Removal of conditions (I-751), explained: married, separated or divorced

Removal of conditions (I-751), explained: married, separated or divorced

The I-751 petition to remove conditions must be filed by every conditional resident. Otherwise, USCIS will terminate your conditional residence and refer the case to immigration court to begin deportation proceedings. In this video I discuss some practical considerations for removing conditions, including situations where you are no longer residing with or married to your spouse/ex-spouse. If you need assistance with an I-751 or other immigration matter, please schedule a consultation with me so that I can assist you.

Anyone can schedule a consultation with me, Pouyan Darian, Esq., by calling (914) 885-3961 or by booking online using this link: You can also email us at Consultations are available by video, telephone, or in-person, and I represent clients throughout the entire United States.

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  1. I applied for my i-751 in November 2020, but still waiting, the process has been extended from 18 months to 26 months now, I go on tour a lot as part of my job and that includes travel to Canada and Mexico, meaning I need either the new greencard or a 797 notice for extension since the most updated one I have is only until January 2023. Calling to USCIS doesn’t help at all. I keep checking my status on my account online and the last update was in January 2022 where they took my fingerprints.
    We are still married and still living in the same residence, nothing has changed on our end.
    Is there anything else I could do?

  2. I’m waiting for my I751 decision. It’s been on biometrics for almost 2 years. My marriage didn’t work and now I’m getting divorced. Is this going to delay my case? I’m really tired of waiting. USCIS is taking way too long.

  3. Does rfe on vawa i-360 filed with i-485 stop or delay work permit. Filed vawa in jan 2022 rfe for good faith marriage in july 2022 sent response in july 2022. Its been 4 months since rfe response no reply. I also applied in january with i-485 work permit i-765. Does rfe stop ead processing till rfe decision is made or rfe doesnt stop i-765

  4. My husband deceased and I apply for my removing condition.can I apply citizenship I live New York for 5 years

  5. Thanks for your information really educated I want to ask what type of green card a spouse who is a dependant through employment base green? I.e if I get a green card bade on employment, what type of green card my spouse who depend on me will get? And also what will happen to the spouse green card if unfortunately divorce before neutralisation. Thanks.

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