1. Evil betsy DeVos does NOT answer yes no questions in a yes no format. If she did, she would melt to the floor like the wicked witch of the west.

  2. She never answers always comes with the same stupid answers , I’m concern and she is taking from the poor schools to give to the rich schools…

  3. “I’m asking for a yes or no answer.”

    “Sorry, but I am allergic to those words. I have no choice but to ramble on tangents that don’t actually answer the question and aren’t truthful to begin with.”

  4. Hell I am tired of watching her run…my feet & legs hurt an I am not the one running…
    TRUMP an all his fool ass fools have no business in office at all…

  5. Betsy DeVos does not know the meaning of ‘opined’. She keeps saying "the Supreme Court opined on that". Even if it were the correct word, which it isn’t, it was being used improperly. She has never educated anyone – herself included, apparently. A vote for Trump is a vote for Putin.

  6. These hearings are worthless. The morning after this hearing she walked back into her office to continue business as usual. What a fucking joke!

  7. Republicans don’t care!!!
    They are the racist party!!
    People of any color that support this party and doesn’t question them are complicit in the racist problem in this country!!

  8. This country’s history is based on injustice! I laugh at how congress goes back and forth with idiots like DeVos, and you look around the room and see a non diverse group of “leaders”. We have a long way to go America.

  9. One lie after another!she is simply dumd!she should be made to resign!we don’t need this ignorant lady to head our education Department!she ought to be fired!

  10. She’s a racist, and lying.
    She can’t answer the questions because she has no idea what she’s being asked.
    That’s why she looks so ignorant, she truly has vary little going on in her head right now. She’s just repeating what a staffer told her to say. She’s a rich clown, in a few years no one will remember her.
    I’m starting to forget her name, is it doovin.
    Remember that rich women with the fake smile that tried to ruin the school system for her rich criminal friends, remember they all went to jail for, racketeering, fraud, embezzlement, and that child slave thing.
    What was her name.

  11. Why do the democrats keep playing games with this dumb woman? If they REALLY wanted to make some beneficial changes, they could use the law making ability to start some real change in a lot of areas instead of just constantly pretending to flex their muscles dramatically yet uneffectively in these wasteful hearings. They aren’t really making republicans look bad, people that support that party are perfectly happy with what they are doing.

  12. Betsy DeVos is one fatigue I truly despise. May the most high God The Illuminating bring rap and tribulations upon her head. For the wickedness that consumes her.

  13. It is clear SYSTEMATIC RACE AND ECONOMIC discrimination!! Fits right in with the Nazi trump agenda. She will tap dance with clueless responses when confronted on the discrimination issue to cover.

  14. So that get a Secretary of Education who does not know what yes or no means. She always comes to these hearings very ill prepared!

  15. Of course she isn’t familiar with said documents.

    As long as Trump is in charge, this wind-up doll knows she isn’t going anywhere. Trump won’t fire her and she won’t quit.

  16. Does this dope of a woman know anything about anything? In every oe of thse video she answers ike she know nothing. Which is probably the whole truth about her, and the rest of the Drump’s cabinet.

  17. Why are these cowardly clowns permitted to give vague answers in public hearings? No one except morally and spiritually corrupt people are permitted to get away with such behavior. This is a major flaw in our system. If you cannot give a straight and answer to a straight forward and specific question, (as a public servant) your employment should be at risk. Her behavior should be viewed as disrespectful to the office she holds and the people she purports to represent and serve.

  18. Time and again Committee members refer to important educational reports/documents/precedents, before asking "Madam Secretary, are you familiar with this?"

    Not once has this woman ever replied yes. Education Secretary and she reads as much as Trump.

  19. The Secretary of Education sounds very uneducated and I know why; buying your seat doesn’t make you educated or smart. Ask Betsy, just don’t make it a yes or no question. These are too hard to answer and require homework….😁

  20. She have a dutch heritage.The name De vos, translated The vox. Is an sneaky mean animal, you never see a vox, but you see devastating result of the animal.

  21. Get grilled for a few hours and then back to her cushy high-paid job when she can continue dismantling the Board of Education. New World Order in plain site! that is what Trump is doing with all of the cabinets of the United States.
    it’s part of destroying the country which is what he’s a place to do. no one is qualified and none of them has done anything for the good of the American people. State Department, Interior Department, Housing and Urban Development, agriculture Department, Food and Drug Administration, Vetern Affairs, Evironmental Protection Agency, Treasury Dept… and don’t forget the hundreds of positions he never bothered to fill. that’s part of it too.

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