Repaint! Norigae Girl 'Songpyeon' Custom OOAK Doll ✿ 노리개 여자 '송편' 리페인팅

Repaint! Norigae Girl 'Songpyeon' Custom OOAK Doll ✿ 노리개 여자 '송편' 리페인팅

I’m back, and starting off with a passion project no less! Say hello to Songpyeon, the Korean hanbok-inspired character with norigae hair. Happy Chuseok! 재미있고 행복한 추석 보내세요~

Here’s the janky jeogori pattern:
TO DOWNLOAD: Click the download icon in the upper right corner. Note: You do not need to gain ‘access’ to my drive to download the files.

Books referenced:
흑요석이 그리는 한복 이야기 by 우나영 (Wooh Na Young)
조선시대 우리옷 한복 이야기 by 글림자 (GLIMJA)
Chinese Knots for Beaded Jewellery by Suzen Millodot
Doll clothing patterns here:
Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest: @dollightfully
Monster High Doll “Draculaura”
Nylon doll hair from
Rooting tool and needles (drill chuck + needle with its eye cut at an angle)
Pastels – Mungyo hand-rolled soft pastels
Water colored Pencils -Faber Castell
Mr.Super Clear UV Flat (wear a mask and spray in a ventilated area!)
Mask – Organic Vapor Particle Respirator Mask
Gouache paint cakes – Caran d’ache
Pearl Ex powders
Musical tracks from Artlist
Teenage Dream – Curtis Cole
Lesson Learned (Instrumental version) by Daniel Robinson
Rewind (Instrumental version) by Aves
Flutes Will Chill by Kicktracks
Foyer (feat. Musaka) by Yestalgia
My Friend Frida by Alon Peretz
Jell-o (Instrumental version) by Egozi
Honestly (feat. Ashley Alisha) by Henry Young
Logo and other graphics designed by:
#koreandoll #monsterhigh #ooak


  1. IM SO GLAD YOUR BACK!!! this site exactly what I needed after some stresful school days! Also love your wedding photos! they are so pretty <333
    ALSO, I LOVE THIS DOLL. I like the design, the colors, the history, the process, its just CHEFS KISS 1000/10

  2. Do you have an instagram or anything where you post your concept sketches or just traditional art in general? Cause ik your regular Insta has your finished dolls on it. Love how it turned out!

  3. I hope your maternity leave went well! I think you should try turning the rest of those designs into something, I would love to see this as a mini series, if you’re interested!

  4. Welcome back! And what a special project you’ve gifted to us. Motherhood is challenging, but the best adventure you’ll ever embark on. Thank you ❤

  5. I love how she knows that most of us can’t make dolls like her. XD I am so happy to see you are back and making dolls again! She is so pretty!

  6. Stop the press stop everything, Dollightful is back !!!!💜♥️💜♥️
    Also this doll is absolutely adorable 🥰 congrats on your bundle of joy and take care 😘✌️❤️💜

  7. She’s absolutely gorgeous! I love all the different elements of her fantasy hanbok. I wish you and your husband many wonderful new moments with your little one as well as many nights of sound sleeping for your baby ;D.

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