Rights of women in divorce in Islam I Mufti Menk I 2019

Rights of women in divorce in Islam I Mufti Menk I 2019


Rights of women in divorce in Islam I Mufti Menk I 2019. He discusses the rights of wife in divorce in islam. Talks about what to do when going through divorce and after divorce. Includes how to divorce in islamic way. mufti menk marriage rights explained.


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  1. I never understood why women cant ask divorce first before hubby agree .
    But seeing what feminism done to western countries.
    More than 75% of divorce are asked by women .
    Crazy .

  2. Please can some one tell me can i divorce my husband in islam over text we have not been together for over a year some one please reply may Allah bless you ❤

  3. In 40 years of marriage, I hv given my love heart, soul and 3 children , at this age he has left me for a younger woman, he has kept me hanging ( separated) from 7 years. He has made life difficult. He comes and wants all his services as good wife but he doesn’t fulfill my rights He physically and mentally abuses .

  4. Mahr 😂 what mahr? today’s mahr is a joke
    Poor father of the bride can’t even ask for a proper high mahr or else people will call him greedy
    Father pays for wedding reception also and his daughters clothing also
    Mahr should such that if the man leaves a woman she can survive on it
    Today mahr is like few thousand dollars
    Or few pieces of jewelry even though the man could afford to give according to his means!

  5. In islam women has no rights to divorce even if she’s in an abusive relationship.
    Also, she must marry her r**ist

  6. Amazing words! Currently, i am reading a book "Islamic Fatwa Regarding Women” that is a collection of 350 fatawa specifically for women. I think every men and women shoudl read it to know women rights and responsibilities.

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  8. Assalamualaikkum. What are the rule there a woman divorce his husband? Is there any loss to her ad her kid? Pls explain…..

  9. story
    Divorce ke 3 mahine baad husband ke sister ki death ho jaati hai.
    Divorced stree husband se milne aati hai.she participates&consoles her husband.
    Wife’s parents r also not in this world
    15 days later
    Husband stree ke ghar alimony lekar jaata hai
    Stree:aaiye andar baithiye
    Husband:iss baar alimony ko late hua
    Stree:jab aapki sister hospital me thi,unhone mujhe kaha tha agar main iss duniya me na rahu,toh mere bhai ke saath rehna
    Husband:par hamara divorce chuka hai.
    Stree:wife ke rishte se nahi par agar aap mujhe behen ke roop me sweekar lenge toh aapke saath reh sakti hoo
    Husband:main apni maa se baat karta hoon
    Stree:theek hai
    Mother of husband doesnt this relation appropriate.
    Maa:beta log kya kahenge.ek divorced aurat apne husband ki behen ban kar ghar me naya rishta bana rahi hai
    Maa dusre din gaav chali jaati hai
    Stree phone karti hai
    Husband:Maa ,gaav chali gayi.
    Unhe kuch theek nahi laga.
    Phir bhi tum behen ke rishte se aa sakti ho
    Stree husband ke ghar jaati hai
    Par behen ke rishte se
    Dono separate room me rehte hai
    Stree ghar ke rasoi ka kaam karti hai

  10. After my ex engaged inn extra marital affair, I kicked him off our property/ house and thought him a vvv valuable lesson that he will remember. اَلْحَمْدُلِلّه I’m better off without him after 29 years of marriage.

  11. Asslamoalikum my husband divorced me once when I was 6 months pregnant now it’s been 14months we r divorced I already have a baby now r we able to get together

  12. This is exactly what I’m suffering unfortunately.But I want him to leave me alone with honour and dignity I deserve. I trust Allah. That’s how I live now

  13. Same happening to me .. he is not ready to release me through jamaath… So I have to move to court moreover he wants me to suffer…

  14. Kindly note that he is a wahhabi, calling everything bidah, one section of them even wants to destroy the Kabaa one section of them is Islamc State, they are sugarcoating here, do not listen to them! Greetings from Turkey, my dear brothers and sisters. They have cut a journalist into pieces, my dear bro and sis.
    please check the aqidah of ahlu sunnah, you decide, your heart will tell, you will feel what is the truth. do not go into darkness.

  15. I have been married for 12 years without a baby because my husband is Azoospermic I wanted divorce but no chance because everyone is telling me to be patient

  16. if a women divorced by a men ( since she is no more his dearest!) – how she is going to make her living after divorced since she had took care of husband, kids and home as Islam suggested and of course as husband wished her to be depended and remain at his mercy(!!). She had nothing left but her clothing, some U$10,000.00 equivalent ornaments and cash which is roughly equivalent of 12 months living expense, left alone safety, security etc. How Islam is protecting her and extending support for her?

  17. If someone can help me please, my husband cheating again hi not using condoms hi have two children outside. Ten years now Allah gives one baby girl its for years old my husband abused man, if someone can help me please I want Talaq with him, bt hi not giving me

  18. My wife asks me for divorce….her reason is she’s seen a man whom she thinks can make her happy.
    I and her family advised her to reconsider her decision but she refused. She left my home for a week.
    What should I do?

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  20. My husband left me and my 7 years daughter in 2015 and married again with another woman without giving me talaq for 6 years and iS not paying a single dine for my daughter and me. I’M praying for talaq and want to get married and happy life. Please pray for us

  21. I am Married to an Non -Muslim, I want to follow Shari’a Law because my husband made a lot of mistakes in our relationship. I want to be remarried to a man that I kept dua to Allah, Inshallah help him to be a Muslim Inshallah.

    Thank you, Salam!

  22. I got divorced from my Muslim husband on April 20 th 2022 my husband gave my no dwiory at all and we’ve been married only 2 months he was cheater liar and unfaithful
    He divorced me thru text we wasn’t seeing eye to eye he has no finicial stability

  23. My husband is not caring,always scrolling on me, he fell pain to give hand money. I’m not happy with my married life..always busy with internet n chating.im not felling comfortable to do salah in laws human pictures are Hanging on well.i can’t stay at night with him always make bad behavior with me..he in derectly want dowry.

  24. Not surprising that this was a snippet of Mufti Menk mocking only men/husbands.

    If you look at his topics in detail – he advises both Husbands and Wives on their roles as spouses along with their respective roles in divorce. There are times that wives may also be at fault in the breakdown of marriage. I feel we will constantly see more divorces in a wrongful manner till we don’t acknowledge that wives may (not 100%) also be at fault in a breakdown of a marriage too.

  25. I agree with what he is saying however these days women also cheat, women don’t care about husband’s right, treat her husband like a slave. Islamic Scholars also need to explain about the injustice going on with men as well

  26. 😭😭😭😭 I need my justice am endup on wheelchair just coz of this mess I din do anythng wrong am tired of this torture 😭😭😭

  27. Brother mufti menk those who hurt others and steal from the innocent
    And hold on to their money and property

    They will lose and suffer 30 times more than what they took

    And those who are the victims of those vicious greedy evil people

    The good people will benefit from their good karma ten times more

  28. Please can someone help me. My husband asked me for divorce through the phone while I was in my country. I flew to him to face him and see what I can do because I really love him and I didn’t want that divorce. We spoke once, and all I could see is that he is not mentally good, even his family saw huge change. He just mentioned "this is why I want divorce". My question is as I am converted to Islam, am I divorced now ? I don’t understand, passing through huge pain and dealing with something that I don’t understand. How he should properly divorce me ?

  29. Jazakallah khayran, Mufti Menk. Alhamdulillah ‘Ala Kulli Haal. Allah SWT is always with the oppressed. Subhanallah. The end part which you have said.. I have seen it happened before and am seeing it again. Allahu Akbar. I really pray that Allah forgives him. It breaks my heart to see it happened, even though I have suffered. 🥺

  30. Again something meant for men. How about a khutbah on how women get their divorce in details or gow they should deal with lazy husbands, jobless or not praying or impotent or simply ignoring her or expecting her to pay half of everything…

  31. whats the importance of haq maher after divorce if husband give divorce wife but dont pay haq maher what Allah say about haq maher please explain…

    if husband gave divorce to the wife but he cannot afford haq maher he can take back a wife in own nikah. please explain about it…

  32. I was divorced and I have 1 daughter and he cane back begging I went back to him I said I will go back for my daughter so I can have peace of heart but my family was begging me not to go back to him and I wish and dream I have listened to my family I now live in a living hell im depressed and extremely sad and in a toxic relationship I wish that I listened to my family

  33. I’m in the USA. I’m going threw divorce but have 3 kids. I’ve tried everything nothing works. He doesn’t pay any attention to me except when he wants to have intercourse. I’m American and don’t exactly know what I need to do. Please can someone inform me on how I should go about it.
    Yes. He has been unfaithful. I’ve told his parents his father has tried many times to reason with him but he insists on doing what he wants. He’s fine 2 days then acts like I’m just there. Then we have sex and he’s back to his normal self the next day. I’ve caught him cheating 3 times. 1 times while I was 6 months pregnant the second time 2 weeks after I gave birth to my daughter the most recent time was 1 month ago. I’m at my breaking point. I honestly hate him at this point. I’ve asked him for divorce he says yes but then changes his mind and says I belong to him. Please help me

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