Russia launches massive invasion of Ukraine | DW News

Russia launches massive invasion of Ukraine | DW News

Chancellor Olaf Scholz appeared at the top of the hour in the 6 p.m. evening news in Germany, giving a short address in response to developments in Ukraine.

Scholz repeated his earlier comments in parliament when he had referred to the conflict as “Putin’s war.”

“He and not the Russian people decided on this war. He alone bears responsibility for it. This war is Putin’s war,” Scholz said.

Scholz said it was important to ensure that “conflict does not spread to other countries in Europe.” He warned the Russian leader not to underestimate NATO’s determination to protect its members, which do not include Ukraine.

The Social Democrat said that fresh sanctions were being prepared internationally to “make Putin pay a high price for the attack.”

EU leaders including Scholz are meeting on Thursday to discuss the issue, and are expected to announce new measures after their talks.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has “re-introduced war to the European continent,” the leaders of the G7 said in a joint statement following a virtual meeting on Thursday.

They strongly condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine saying it was “a serious threat to the rules-based international order, with ramifications well beyond Europe.”

They said Putin “put himself on the wrong side of history,” and called on Russia to “stop the bloodshed, to immediately de-escalate and to withdraw its forces from Ukraine.”

The Group of Seven industrialized nations plans to bring forward severe and coordinated economic and financial sanctions against Moscow.

The G7 leaders also said they were “closely monitoring” volatile oil and gas markets, and “stand ready to act as needed to address potential disruptions.”

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  1. Omg my 🙏is up for Ukrainian god be with😪😪😪 Dem one love❤ my God am so sorry 😱for you guys 🙏

  2. Yes putins war,
    Is cleaning up
    The gangsters in ukraine
    And he’s nation building
    And they will make democratic government there.
    Which is free
    And does not
    Need. Or use NATO.
    Putin and kgb
    Reads these comments / intel
    And they know about all this.

  3. I feel angry that those so called ‘negotiators’ didn’t do their job right….Germany France and NATO….and Putin always warned for many years that it won’t end up well…

  4. Frankfurt Germany + England ⛪🇬🇧🤓+ France = USA believe it can Donald Trump in 2024 doing Good 👍🏿😊 than John .Kennedy. Biden.

  5. If you are in the ukraine or have communication with any man from ukraine….you must encourage all of them to go an get a rifle. Keep it on select fire, keep finger off trigger, get an extra magazine get a box of ammo, focus front sight on target line up a full front sight in the groove of the rear sight, keep eyes open, dont flinch, aim carefully from cover. Recover and collect as much ammo and rifled as you can from anyone fallen. Dont bother tanking prisoners. Shoot at the head (no helmet) or legs or side, watch out for armored front plate or rear plate over torso. Ever man woman and teenager needs to carry a butcher knife wrapped in cloth under your shirt in your arm pit until you can capture a weapon. Get in line now for a weapon. Get the molotov cocktails. You all must fight and it will be brutal. I wish i could come now but my wifes heart would break and so would mine and ive lost alot of eyesight to glaucoma, cannot shoot as accurate as before. Get a klashnikov now ! Get your knifes, wrapped in cloth if its sharp cut throat from behind, if its not sharp stab in the side or up under ribs from right side, use two people or another one to distract during attack. Stabbing the side may be more practical for the untrained. You must all have weapons. Get them you entire existence depends on this, this is do or die for putin too, his last mistake ever he WILL NOT PULL OUT.

  6. Shame on the Government of Germany, they dependent of the natural gas of Russia, there not serious of the sanction they give to Russia.

  7. Says the man that doesn’t want to disconnect Russia from SWIFT… Mr Scholz puts Germany on the wrong side of History. Shame on you Mr Scholz and shame on Germany because of you.


  9. Sanctions do little whatever gas and oil we don’t buy China, Iran and North Korea will take up the slack, removing Russia from the Swift Banking System would do way more but it would hurt Germany and Italy to much! So sorry Ukraine we stand in Solidarity with you as long as it doesn’t hurt us too much!

  10. Mr. Scholz would better talk less and approve the transfer of weapons to Ukraine. Also cutting Russia from SWIFT is very important. Comme on Germany, you are the shame of Europe right now.

  11. WWII & NOW !!
    As war is fought it takes charge
    And events spin out of control.
    The madness of men can alter the soil
    which nourishes the roots of their soul.

    Many things will forever change
    Far more then wished to be.
    As the wrath of war starts to destroy
    Those things we fight to keep free.

    War is the greatest plague of man,
    Religion, state and sanity.
    Any scourge is more preferred
    Than the one which disables humanity.

    When war breaks out, boundaries change
    And all who die are a token
    Of the rage that must run its course
    Before words of peace are spoken.

    It’s not a priest that gives us our freedom of religion
    And it’s not a reporter that gives us our freedom of voice.
    It’s not any judge, lawyer, politician, preacher or teacher
    But the blood of a soldier that has sacrificed by choice.

    By Poet Tom Zart
    Google = Most Published Poet On The Web
    Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share!
    Google = George Bush Tom Zart

  12. Iam very sad and heartbroken to see the helpless people of Ukraine, the president,his family, officials, common men and women. We are praying to the Lord, almighty God to have mercy on them and peace be restored soon.

  13. If Ukraine and the world hold out, Putin will be out. Great opportunity for the west to get democracy back on track the world over

  14. Ukraine fired on Donbass people and children. Now Russia is helping us. I will defend him if you Americans (or any Euro nation) come to our land of Donbass or fraternal Russia.

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