Save Your Marriage While Separated: Do This!

Save Your Marriage While Separated: Do This!

The 5 best things that you can do to save your marriage during separation to bring your spouse back to you.

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Kimberly Beam, CEO of Marriage Helper, discusses several things you can do to save your marriage if you are separated.

These include SMART Contact™, avoiding PUSH behaviors, and managing business items together.

Find the areas of your marriage and relationship where you are going to have to talk about certain things (mortgages, taxes, children, property, pets, etc.).

Reach out to your spouse about positive things related to the children or business items.
This will prevent negative interactions and promote positive ones.

Doing these things will give you momentum in attempting to save your marriage while you are separated.

Avoid fighting as best you can. Change the cycle and be the best “you” that you can be during those times.

During these discusses you may ask your spouse questions such as, “How was your day today?”

You should ask questions that are non-emotional and won’t start a disagreement.

Allow your spouse to start conversations with you. Allow them to open up to you about their day or about how they feel in terms of the separation.

Whether or not you agree with what your spouse is sharing, you must be a safe place for your spouse to share.

Show them that you can hear what they have to say and that even if you disagree with it that you can respond in a way that is calm, gentle, and understanding.

Don’t go overboard by sounding artificial or fake. Be sincere and sometimes it is best simply to listen without commenting.

If your spouse, during separation, is rude and antagonistic to you, it is difficult.

You need to plan ahead of time that you will avoid allowing emotion or defensiveness to take over. Focus on the long term goal of saving your marriage.

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  1. I am going through the same thing, because of all of my mistakes. I have hurt her so much, she cannot feel affection for me anymore. We just separated and I am destroyed. Having faith and going day by day, I pray to God that something or someone will touch her heart and make her reflect and give me another chance, a last chance at some point.

  2. I’m in this same situation now. I will do what I’ve seen about being smart. But I also want to be a better husband. N I feel like I need to be taught that maybe even counseling. Pls help.🙂

  3. My spouse is having an affair with another female he says he fell outta love with me years ago and said he is in love with the girl he has said he’s moved on and that he wants to move to Alabama with the other what do I do ?Right now he has been in Alabama with the girl so we are separated and I miss him so much he has cheated on me and I have cheated on him too but I’ve changed plz pray for us

  4. My husband told me that he was no longer in love with me. He moved out of the house and into another woman’s home” I was heart broken when my husband of three years left to be with another woman.Thank you Doctor Ebhos on YouTube for saving my broken Marriage and brought my husband back to me”
    Me and my husband are living together happily again.. All thanks to Doctor Ebhos on YouTube@@@

  5. She said it might take some time. Now my wife filled the papers for divorce I got the papers I don’t even get that chance to fix it

  6. Please pray for my marriage restoration as it’s been a month as we had a fight as my wife has disturbed me while I was in my morning prayers.

  7. I hate my wife and wish I never met her. She likes to control everything and right now, we are just yelling at each other. I do not regret to have slept with other women.

  8. Amazing work you on Instagram are doing!! I have to protect my parents so often because they don’t know what is legal or illegal so keep doing what you are and hopefully we can put a stop or reduce this damage. We need more people like you *NEIG* *TIVAL* in this world!

  9. Save your marriage?
    Folks us men have no say in anything when it comes to a marriage crashing down or during separation. The woman always wants things done her way it’s best this it’s best that and they toss us men away for someone else.
    Sounds harsh but it’s the truth.
    You could beg, cry, own up to your mistakes, become a better man and they will still do us wrong. Truth is don’t ever get married

  10. Stop defending cheater this is exactly what your doing here if they are cheating it’s done and your better off getting shut of them.

  11. Please get your cervical spine checked on your left side, with basilar skull structure. Not being weird..its just something I saw. May save you problems in your late 40’s and on.

  12. I don’t really know how to thank your *saka the great doctor* you are sure a wonderful spiritualist ,your work is so amazed me keep it up,once again thanks for bring back my relationship back to me❤️

  13. It’s not a matter of how much you love your wife because it’s more about if they love you if they don’t your wasting your time. When someone wants a separation it’s about them wanting to ride the CC. If they want out give them the door and tell them don’t let it hit them on the way out. If they are cheating I wouldn’t want them back anyway. Once they lose desire and respect for you it’s done and over.

  14. I am never married and I am cautious to do so. I believe that nothing we can do to bring back an ex-spouse who has decided he/she doesn’t want to come back.

  15. Divorce is never the way out, My wife and I have been having issues before I sort out help from a spiritual adviser, i wasn’t going to let my marriage of 18years crash.

  16. Great video, but what if your spouse was emotionally cheating and don’t acknowledge that she did anything wrong and is not communicating with you.

  17. Amazing work you on Instagram are doing!! I have to protect my parents so often because they don’t know what is legal or illegal so keep doing what you are and hopefully we can put a stop or reduce this damage. We need more people like you *NEIG* *TIVAL* in this world!

  18. I left my ex wife and a beautiful daughter 10 years ago,, and my ex doesn’t even move on. I am now trying to win her back and spend my life with her and our daughter. The problem is my ex never returned my calls or texts.. She hasn’t moved on yet so I think she’s still waiting for me,, but I don’t understand why she kept ignoring my calls and texts…I still love her and want her to accept me back…. Thanks…

  19. 70% of divorces are initiated by the wife. If she has a college degree, this number increases to 90%. This is factual based on statistics. Just look at most of the comments on this video. It’s mostly husbands trying to win their wife back. Fellas, marriage is no longer a functioning and worthwhile goal. The government has officially taken your place as the husband. Big daddy government protects her, gives her money (or rather your child support), and defends her in court. You are no longer needed. This is just the new reality. Spend your time focusing on your own personal growth instead.

  20. I don’t really know how to thank your *saka the great doctor* you are sure a wonderful spiritualist ,your work is so amazed me keep it up,once again thanks for bring back my relationship back to me❤️

  21. Ooohhh, my God!!! This is an old video and I’ve only found it out today. Thank you for sharing these profound strategies. After 28 years of marriage, I found out my husband was a cheat. He filed for divorce and married one of his affair partners, who was his work colleague. I applied all of these strategies you have shared in this video, plus I prayed, because I come from faith in God. Its been 6years since he left. Divorce/separation has been the worst painful experience I have ever experienced and would never wish on anyone.
    Thank God, my prodigal husband has now admitted he is sorry, he wants to come back and be reconciled to his family.

  22. My husband blames me for so so much. I’ve been so toxic and negative over everything. Everything has been emotional it hurts so much I can’t begin to explain

  23. Ok…but what if you’re doing all that and she’s gone on her own and already contacting another guy? Should I continue fighting for it or just let it go?

  24. I have watched your videos and they are all wonderful advise, and thank you for that. I noticed one thing that has not been covered in your videos for advise and was wondering how I can contact you to discuss my recent situation that has happened to me and separation from my wife please. I don’t expect your time and advise for free of course so if you could let me know the best way to contact you I would appreciate this very much. I don’t know if it is too late to save my marriage but as a husband I would like to try my best not to lose my wife if it’s not too late. Sheldon

  25. I have come across this video while searching a solution for my relationship. My life left few days ago without informing and cut off all communications , deleted her social accounts, wats app. I am just praying and praying . She sent mail mentioning my loud behaviour she is upset and don’t wanna come back. Since then no communication. Please help and pray for me . I can’t live without her and i commit myself to change my behaviour .

  26. Pray for my marriage please
    She was my high school sweetheart and I ruined everything by being immature and taking her love for granted, I love her so much but I made a lot of mistakes and now she doesn’t want to be with me anymore I’m depressed.

  27. Thank you for this video, it helped me alot honestly. Ive been sad and depressed ever since my wife asked me to stay elsewhere a week or so ago. Ive made alot of mistakes and caused arguments and pushed her away more by things ive said. This video helped to focus me and give me a path for what i need to do to get her back. The waiting is just so hard.

  28. Separation is a bummer, Pray, give space, don’t beg or show weakness but strength in who you are, and why you are the one for her or him through silent strength and in all things do them out of love.

  29. God,
    I ask that you soften mine and Shera heart for each other, that you remove any blocks to our communicate. Remove any outside negativity, jealousy, influences, pride, ego, anger and resentment we may knowingly or unknowingly have towards one another. End Physical separation between us and bring us together in a harmony union. So we can rebuild our foundation on your rock. Thank you Lord God for hearing my prayer 🙏🏼 I love you.

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