Saving Your Marriage From Divorce – David Clarke Part 1

Saving Your Marriage From Divorce – David Clarke Part 1

There is hope for bad marriages. Jim Daly & John Fuller talk with Dr. David Clarke over his book, I Don’t Want a Divorce. He shares that if you are struggling in your marriage that you are not alone and there is hope. You can find his book on our store here:

He discusses the three main bad marriage types:, the “We’re unhappy but willing to work on it marriage,” the “My marriage is stuck but my spouse won’t work on it marriage” and the “My spouse committed a big sin marriage.”

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  1. Amen! This marriage is dead! Take it outback and shoot it! Start anew! God first! Fix it with God first!

  2. I need prayers for my marraige its lost and I’m not willing to give up I have hope but it looks sofar from reconciliation

  3. And the lawyer who file the divorce is telling to my wife rhat she can not do any because its alteady file so me and my wife are not going to continue the divorce what do i gonna do please help because i saved our marriage so with my wife

  4. Just ordered his book on ebay. My marriage is in a crisis and I am having a hard time seeing any possibility of saving my marriage. Please pray for me and my wife Allison. I’m desperately grasping at straws and I will do anything to see my marriage survive! Lord Jesus please help us!!!!!

  5. Sir i am Danilo Torres my wife file a divorce but we fix our problem because we love its and i am the who has falt because of alcohol problem and i deeply sorry and accept its my falt

  6. My challenge was what I thought was simple communication. as much as wife wiuld talk, I was often too quick to react or did not probe enough to understand what she was asking. I skiwed down connected and accepted. Accepted is probably key word. We’re individuals but a couple.

  7. At 7 years we were still deliriously in love. At 20 years we were still deliriously in love. At 30 years we were still deliriously in love. At 32.5 years my wife did not want to be married anymore. Her divorce is later this month after 37.5 years.
    I am standing for the restoration of my marriage.

  8. I am sure this guy is a good counselor but made everything the man’s fault until the interviews corrected him. I will pass on a guy like this. I am hard enough on myself. Don’t need another person to add to it.

  9. Unfortunately Clarke believes that you can use any excuse to divorce. You just have to twist scripture to make it ok. I’m not sure why anyone should take his advice if he can’t even be honest about the very specific prohibitions against divorce. Include reading the obvious meaning s of the scriptures he twists. Sadly he has found it more profitable in abusing men and selling his books and really bad advice sessions. His advice has destroyed a friend of our’s marriage. Focus needs to recognize his teachings as those of a false teacher. Either you save it or decimate it, what is it Focus on the Family?

  10. There are several components to the subject . One plan I discovered which successfully combines these is the Secret Fixer Blueprint (google it if you’re interested) without a doubt the most incredible plan i’ve heard of. Check out all the interesting information .

  11. That is my husband. He would not listen to a broadcast like this. Let alone read one of your books. And he is a preacher in the church we started in.

  12. Yes he may have mentioned HE/SHE applying to both but still why not every so often keep an entire video in the she hers perspective?! It’s so frustrating. The focus always seems to be how HE is emotionally clueless or withholding but it could be he is witholding out of self preservation. It’s safe to say love oneself so you can love others. Ask God to help reveal who you are and know he loves you and then you will be better able to love and share that love with others. How is that possible when her need is " deep level communication" well apparently deep level communications is allowing her freedom to express how he ……..insert horrible man topic here…. communication is always focused on HIM… he dont show love, HE did this wrong HE didnt do this and it must be on purpose let’s "DEEPLY COMMUNICATE" about that EVERYDAY and every conversation defaults back to this! For the man to truly show love apparently that means he is willing to go thru this "Deep level" torture daily. She calls him out for everything and he "listens & Apologizes & owns it" then she gets what she needs and off she goes. isnt that great?.
    He listened amd he apologized!! He communicated… No! He just got torn through, hes left there an hour or two later having been kicked around , self esteem down points but yippee were communicating. Probably apologized because he caved and there’s a 10000 tasks he needs to do b4 tomorrow or he will hear about it in tomorrows rant….Blah!!! Were Communicating. No hes tired amd it would only make the session 6 hours if he put his truth on the table.
    Let’s talk about not blaming. Or not holding records of wrong. Let’s BOTH become accountable. Let’s respect that it takes two.

  13. I will love to share my testimony to you all the people in world i got married to my husband about 2 year ago we start having problems at home like we stop sleeping on the same bed,fighting about little things he always comes home late at night,drinking too much and sleeping with other women outside i have never love any man in my life except him. he is the father of my child and i don’t want to lose him because we have worked so hard together to become what we are and have today .few month ago he now decided to live me and the kid,being a single mother can be hard sometimes and so i have nobody to turn to and i was heartbroken. I called my mom and explained everything to her, my mother told me about Dr Babatunde and how he helped her solve the problem between her and my dad. I was surprised about it because they have been without each other for three and a half years and it was like a miracle how they came back to each other. i was directed to Dr Babatunde on his email:[] and explain everything to him,so he promise me not to worry that he will cast a spell and make things come back to how we were so much in love again and that it was another female spirit that was controlling my husband he told me that my problem will be solved within two days if i believe i said OK So he cast a spell for me and after two days my love came back asking me to forgive him i Am so happy now. So that’s why I decided to share my experience with everybody that has such a problem. Contact Drbabatunde the great spell caster on his email addresses ([   )or whatsapp Dr Babatunde or CALL him on this number +2347064669209

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  15. Dr Ogedegbe on youtube is here to help you with your marriage/relationship problem, a friend of mine directed him to me on youtube, i just contacted him and my marriage is solved all thank to you Dr Ogedegbe on youtube..

  16. Thank you David. How about if my husband doesn’t want to get help,therapy and cancelling but only projecting every thing is my problem? He cheated on me, left me with 5 kids, moved away 5 hours flight for the last 3 years. I wanted to us to to seek for help and start a fresh but he refused to accept help from pastors, families from both sides. I never hated, reject or even have a feeling of divorcing him. What can I do now?

  17. Was this man married to Paula White ? Why did they divorce ? Did she cheat on him ? …🤔 just curious

  18. I think the most frustrating thing about these marriage tips is that my wife and I don’t fit the "typical" picture of how men and women are or act. Every time it’s said "Men do this" or "women do that", it’s the opposite for us

  19. Frustrated at first then they addressed it. Not just Men… He did this he wont change. This is a cliche that puts men at a disadvantage from the start. Unfortunately I’m so many situations focus is how can he repent. What changes will he do if he CARES AND LOVES. Thanks for at least saying Wemon and Men. Now let’s fix the victim mentality from each.

  20. Interesting about the stats…because in my experience I almost only know women who are spiritually growing and close to God yet they have marital problems. I am active in church and spiritual growth as are my friends. Maybe birds of a feather flock together but way more than 3% of the people I know are in this boat. Almost all my friends have some kind of struggles. Many to the point of needing counseling tho not all, but most.

  21. 15 years marriage 3 years trying to save my marriage alone!! Now he left his job and got his 401k and put in a different account. I think it’s the time to me wake up!!God help me!!!

  22. There are a few ideas for making improvements in your marriage
    Try to talk more
    Cooperate with each other more
    Start to give and take more
    (I learned these and the reasons they work from Pavs partner pundit site )

  23. Thank you for focus on the family have been a Christian almost my whole life and learning a lot more lately than ever..don’t know if it’s age or just god manifesting at the right time for me.. god bless you guys

  24. 5-7 years?!

    What if we got to that danger zone within the first week of our marriage? 3.5 years in… we are not doing well.

  25. Everyone need to hear Christian cognitive neuroscientist Caroline Leaf! She’ll teach you, how we can take control of our minds and what happens when we let negative thoughts in our brain.

  26. My husband and I had been married for 6 years when we realized we just weren’t in love with one another anymore. He was cheating on me and I had emotionally checked out of the relationship. I was at a loss about what to do. I prayed day and night that our marriage would get back on track. One night I found this course about how to save my marriage online @t. At first, I was skeptical, but I was willing to try anything to save my marriage from divorce. From this course, we learned how to truly communicate and gain perspective about our relationship. It wasn’t easy but through lots of prayers, communication, and this training my marriage is stronger than ever.

  27. I missed the message from my wife. I love her dearly. She has been trying and telling me. I worked all the time and thought that work, fixing things, providing was what we do as men. I did not take care of her emotionally. We have 7 kids and home school. Really need some prayer and to let my wife know that it is not about me but about her. I love her very much and feel lost. She is a special person!

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