Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals | 2022 Week 9 Game Previews

Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals | 2022 Week 9 Game Previews

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  1. I’m hoping the Cardinals’ D has a good game – when they’re on fire, they rock. But that won’t be enough- our offense HAS to figure it out this week. NFC West is close, we may still have a chance! GO CARDIAC CARDS!!! 🏈❤️

  2. What is the one constant in the Seattle Seahawks PETE CARROL, that is a Hall of Fame coach! one draft season and he has put together another winning team. that is fun to watch, say what you want about the Hawks but they are fun to watch. win or lose.

  3. Cardinals go undefeated the next 3 games and start it off with this game in a score of 24-10 to take the dub against the Seahawks 🏆 they they go to the superbowl to face either the bengals or the Vikings

  4. Seattle’s "weakness", being run and pass defense, has been fixed the last few games, making the Seahawks a complete team.

  5. This is a must win game for the Cardinals. Can not afford to get swept by the Seahawks if they’re going to compete for the division. If they win this one then they’re in the thick of it in the NFC West. If not then they can forget about a division title or even the playoffs at all. Let’s get it done.

  6. I’m a Seahawks fan. And I am bothered by the name being shortened. IDK why, but I wish everyone would use the whole name SEAHAWKS, SEAHAWKS, SEAHAWKS. RUSS is gone and shorty can the short version with him.

  7. This is a now or never game for Arizona this week against the surprising Seahawks whose defense has been coming on lately as they are holding opponents to 3 ypg in the last 3 games… The offense is run-heavy led by Kenneth Walker III and then the play action pass by QB Geno Smith… The Cardinals need to do a better job of protecting QB Kyler Murray against the Seahawks.. Arizona gets back on track this week against Seattle at home 27-20…

  8. Seahawks overachieving while nobody believes in the Cardinals who are better than people gove them credit for.
    Cardinals 26
    Seahawks 20

  9. Lifetime Seattle fan. Never expected this season to go like this. Man I started thinking Tyler L. and Metcalf were slacking. Russell just lost his touch and I’ll have to admit it was time for him to go. With Geno in there those receivers are shining. Go hawks…. This should be a great game… 😜 Then Walker III, I always hated Rashaad Penny getting him in that draft pick was one of the most annoying days of my life.

  10. Seahawks has been improving every week but they cannot underestimate Arizona. The Cardinals, despite their struggles, is still a very good and dangerous team. Besides, division games are always tough and competitive. It will be a fun and closely-contested game and I won’t be surprised if the Seahawks will prevail in the end.

  11. Everyone on Seattle. The line is where it should be for a reason. Def close game but also hard to beat a team twice in the nfl. Cards -1

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