'Secret Stuff': Trump Had Docs At Mar-a-Lago Intended Only For Gov't Facilities

'Secret Stuff': Trump Had Docs At Mar-a-Lago Intended Only For Gov't Facilities

There is now public confirmation that the Department of Justice is investigating Donald Trump for more than one crime, including possible violations of the Espionage Act. A federal judge unsealing documents connected to the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago, showing that the former president possessed top secret documents that are only meant to be viewed in special government facilities. Mar-a-Lago is not one of them. Ari Melber, in this special second hour of The Beat, is joined by expert guests with their analysis of these developments.
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  1. Dems are TERRIFIED of Trump!


  2. Uhm.. Dear U.S. "Justice" System, here is a quick legal question for You all:

    WHY, and of what exactly, are truly honorable and patriotic US Americans, whistleblowers as Jeffrey Sterling, as Edward Snowden, Chelsey Manning, Reality Winner etc etc. etc. accused of and/or charged, when in fact a pathologic lying and highly criminal former ultra rightwing US president – alike one installed Confederate Russian arms-dealing oligarch – openly for now more than 5 years was in violations of nearly all National Security laws, as well as all Human Rights and all rules of Democratic government, and who continued to criminally violate the US Espionage Acts by stashing top secret documents in his "Russian" wife’s private closets???

    Wtf America? And that old criminal tool, and his treasonous theocratic gang of dumb NRA fools, is still allowed to run for high office, again? 😱

    Godless Best,
    Projectheureka LLC

  3. He took docs that he knew weren’t his to privately keep; and knowing now the types of docs these were, highly classified and beyond, he and his criminal son-in-law have had these docs long enough to have sold state secrets to plenty of America’s enemies. This is now damage control for the DoD.
    This "president" will always be remembered as a traitor, and I think if he’s proven guilty of espionage, his punishment should be death. Send a message to anyone else who would attack our democracy.

  4. I do not understand why so many delusional, brain-dead sychophants still lick Trump’s boots. I will never get it. The man is a fool and a crook. Why is he not behind bars? How much longer will it take ????

  5. Crazy, could it be that Putin is still controlling Trump? Whatever Putin has on Trump, it’s not worth it! This is worse than any video they could be holding over Trump. Either way, it looks like the end for him. If not, it’s bad on us.

  6. What trump must have been a lobbyist ,and give millions to be in our government affairs , he is a louse.

  7. Those naughty, naughty FBI agents! They ruined tRump’s present for Putin, which he planned to give him after he fled to Russia seeking asylum. Coal in your Federal stockings next year! πŸ˜‰

  8. πŸ€”hmm… since the orange Orangutan doesn’t read, why would he trouble himself and risk espionage charges to steal and keep those documents at his house? For whose eyes? Putin’s? Arabic prince? Or any highest bidder? He will be wearing jumpsuits that fit his complexions soon!

  9. Regardless of your political affiliation you should be incredibly concerned about a former President stealing classified information.

  10. …"…I could shoot someone of 5th Avenue…and not lose any supporters…"….does anyone else remember…..

  11. trump took them to sell them, undermine National Security of the Biden Admin and curry favor with hostile foreign countries. Saudi Arabia, China and Russia are at the Top of the List!

  12. Trump thinks he is above the law, and he thinks he can do what he wants cause he give millions to our political business.

  13. donald trump is screwing himself over. if he let anyone into his house from a foreign country than he’s guilty of treason or giving info. thats the biggest threat to this, did he sell out america?

  14. Trump had no business hounding Obama’s proof of birth certificate and being a American citizen,who gave him permission to do this.

  15. Trump (45) is the most dangerous man in U.S Soil and the fact that he is still walking and not in a Prison its Crazy and ridiculous. He needs to be in Jail, way over due

  16. The president had a standing order that any document he took from the White House was deemed Declassified. Trump being the president at the time, gave him that authority. The idea that some bureaucrat paper pusher with a classification Authority delegated by the president needs to approve the declassification of documents is absurd.

  17. DumDum couldve been planning to sell some docs to russia if he hasntnalready,which is treasonous and carries adeath penalty sentence id feel so sorry for TRumpo if he got the chair….welll….maybe not so much.

  18. That really doesn’t mean anything. Being the former president he has security clearances way above anyone that was involved in this raid. Just like Chuck Schumer said the FBI has six ways to Sunday at getting back to someone. The sham is over…..

  19. Oh now he gonna be a crybaby and a sore loser again cause he got caught doing something illegal, and of course he gonna spread the big lie that he was framed. But he still has not turned over hi tax papers to the treasure dept, like all other past presidents have done, cause he thinks he special, he covering up something!

  20. Hahaha! Big Fat Nothing Burger πŸ”. Trump is even more popular. Way to make Trump seem like the victim so he can capitalize on it. His fundraising is off the charts now. He has 1 1/2 times as much money as the RNC and DNC combined. Now he is unstoppable in 2024. Good job πŸ‘

  21. Trump was probably selling US Military secrets to his buddy, Putin. I hope to see Trump in prison where he belongs. And I was for him as couldn’t stand Hillary Clinton.

  22. Remain calm. The big raid must be televised and shown to an anxious public. The Biden Berserker Battle Battalion getting ready for "action" escorted by the Motorcycle troops who stop now and then, place the transmission into neutral, and roar the engines. Now and then the film can be "cut" to show Joe Biden himself – like General George Patton – directing the affair by pointing his swagger stick. Entertainment value is everything!

  23. He took them to sell/give to Putin.
    He has never been a " patriot, a " Christian ", or a decent human being, but people who are the same way will continue to support him.

  24. From the moment that your former president gave a "hinch" that club probably had sensitive documents of any kind, was immediately declared a target site for foreign intel assets. A location with no proper certification is just a room without locks. Only takes a busy holiday weekend with a "cleaning or plumbing" crew to "unclog" a toilet with a crate half of tools or cleaning supplies. The other half has space for a hard drive and a custom high-quality portable scanner. There was a secret service crew at that location but is a really big place. The guests staying there are the less inspected and they just bring the high-tech equipment days before and the cleaners after passing the "secret service vetting" just go to the area of work. Somewhere in between they get the toys, do their "job" and return the toys to include a full thumb drive that will fit in any guess shave cream canister. The USA got a big problem now! I hope I am wrong!

  25. Anyone can be President of USA,, look at all these clowns take turns to be President 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

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