Secrets To A Successful Marriage

Secrets To A Successful Marriage

The hosts of the Daily Wire are joined by Jordan Peterson and Dennis Prager to give their best marriage advice during the Daily Wire’s Backstage Live event.

Watch the full Backstage Live here:

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  1. The honesty thing is something I came to as well. Something I told a friend in a relationship (he didn’t listen lol). It was essentially, that honesty and openness are not the same thing. It seems people conflate the 2 these days. You can be honest, give honest answers but there are minutia that should be kept to yourself… Like telling your significant other that you find a waitress is hot lol. Liked the video, good conversation

  2. Wish there was more of a secular point of view on this discussion. I agree with it all until i hear a bible reference.

  3. This!! Love this Panel!! Gods plan and he has to be at the forefront of everything!! Bless the light bringers and truth speakers!! I respect all perspectives and views; all have something to offer and all love God I love that!

  4. Yeah, they’re all talking great sense for successful marriages but we really need to start seeing panels of FEMALES talking the same level of marital sense. Research clearly indicates they’re the weak link

  5. It was so nice to see smiling and hear laughter from everyone here who is usually very serious when they communicate.

    I do not believe marriage (love, really) is in the Stars for me; I think it’s too late, now. But, I am glad I listened 🙂

  6. the thing is all women or men are not the same sure we have some common basics traits but then layers get added on to the point where we become unique so even though I agree with some of the advice I do not agree with all of it married 39 years

  7. How have I never come across this video!!! How refreshing hearing people speak openly and with great humour. I bet no one got “offended”.

  8. Do you guys believe that men need to sleep with younger women and their older wives should be ok as it’s fulfilling to him? Have any of you had women out side of your marriages?

  9. I have completed 13 yrs. of marriage with my wife. One of the things is that we criticize each other, constructive criticism. Also I am 7 yrs older than my wife so she takes my advises. I drink, my wife doesn’t, but I never persuaded her to drink. My wife loves reality shows, I love documentries, But she never persuaded me to watch reality shows. Likewise, a lot of totally different things, yet we accept each other. And yeah adjust also. Marriages demands adjustments believe it or not gentlemen, sometimes you have to crush your ego for your spouse BUT believe you me, even if you become broke or faced with a medical emergency or mid life crises, there will always be one person standing behind you as a life support system. That’s the beauty of marriage. The modern Feminist will never understand this.

  10. Love all of these committed hearts and minds in this discussion. What a beautiful balance of wisdom, and truth. ♥️

  11. Be honest but don’t say more than you need to. Be real but don’t be critical against others. Build them up

  12. In an immature marriage communication, follow through, time and money management, emotional awareness, tolerance as you had when you first met, care, attention, remember what you each like or dislike and compromising is super important to develop solidness and don’t pretend to take over the other genders responsibilities unless there’s financial distress ect

  13. I think attraction has little to do with appearance. We DO see those we are with as the most .. of something. With true objective observance, we admire whithin each other perfection. A ballance between ourselves. A compliment. And thank you for "complimenting" me.

  14. The best advice to keep your marriage healthy? Both partners must resolve never to share your marital problems with even your closest friends and family. It’s the well-intended, toxic advice born in those exchanges that accumulate to build upon the animosities and make marriages end in divorce. Then, men are stripped of their wealth, property and children. Fact is, as things now stand, marriage is a scam. Women enter into a win/win pairing; men, win/lose it all. I repeat: Marriage is a scam.

  15. Not sure why they are making this about religion or politics. I am Not religious nor am I right wing and there are many things I agree with here, marital rape not being one of them but oh well…

  16. Been married 42 great years, had 5 sons. Secret? Good manners. We treat each other as beautifully as we can every day.

  17. It’s so different from the debates they have with leftists they listened and let each other talk it’s quiet with one talking n other laughing with no interruptions

  18. That last part….motivation to pursue putting in everything because it’s right will somehow mystically affect things is utterly false. Speak to anyone that has forged a marriage with someone who is bipolar…

  19. See how easy it is – a group of smart, articulate and funny people from different backfrounds conversing with each other in a respectful manner. No sexism, racism, antisemitism, ageism or any other ism. 🙂

  20. It maybe too late for me to find a partner. That being said, I love this. In fact, it made me want a husband more. It also renewed the sentiment that I wish I had the faith of some of the people on this panel. I wish I believed. But I question it while also knowing that there is a good, but faith isn’t just knowledge or belief but an imalgamation of both and since I question religion so much, I feel like a liar when I sit in the pew. The pew bench of a church belongs to those whose faith is unquestionable. My knowledge of something bigger than me is unquestionable, but the way in which I express faith and which channel to seek it out is of great struggle for me. I envy these people in an immense way. I wish faith found me and captivated me like it does when I’m surrounded by believers. I have graditude to and for God and I believe in this way but I see that pew and I feel like my presence there is an insult to a God I both know and don’t know.

  21. Been married for 6+ years, relatively new to most others on here, and admittedly there has hardly been a week go by I’ve not contemplated leaving. I’m a changed man because I chose to stay, and changed 100% for the better. Quit smoking, quit a motorcycle group I was a part of (drinking+riding) worked hard at work and now make what’s considered “upper class” income, own a great home, nearly out 100% of debt, am able to be generous as I’ve always dreamt about, father to a beautiful daughter, can afford to play and love golf. . . the list seems infinite. The point is, nearly 0% of this experience has been comfortable for me. In fact, I’d say it’s brought me near some very dark thoughts I’m not proud of. But becoming responsible, becoming a good man and husband, is worth some misery. Even if it requires patience and bearing a burden I’d rather not bear, I’ve become someone I would actually respect. Not the case 6 years ago. The truth these people speak in this video. . . I love every one of them for their candid honesty and wisdom. If I had to guess, non of it was cheaply bought. Thanks k you for sharing, going to meditate on this throughout the week.

  22. OMG Lord Jesus I NEVERRR thought I’d say 😢 I LOVE CANDICE OWENS 🤦🏽‍♂️ I DO 🤷🏾‍♂️ I still don’t agree with everything she believes… But she’s dope.. 🤞🏾

  23. How come no one is talking about how our entire concept of time is based off of Jesus
    BC (Before Christ)
    AD (After Death)

    Just saying the void century is real
    God said let there be light and there was a “BIG BANG”

  24. Best marriage advice: wag don’t bark. When he or she comes through the door, get happy and stay happy. If you meet them with the crap from your day, a list of their failures or “to-do’s” they don’t want to be there.

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