Section-13(A) Alternate relief in Divorce proceedings | Divorce | Hindu Marriage Act 1955

Section-13(A) Alternate relief in Divorce proceedings | Divorce | Hindu Marriage Act 1955

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In this video The Hindu Marriage Act 1955 is explained with reference to Section-13(A) Alternate relief in divorce proceedings.

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Link of previously covered sections is below :
1) An Introduction

2) Section-1 Territorial Applicability of the Act

3) Section-2 Personal Applicability of the Act

4) Section-3 (a,b,c,d,e) Definitions

5) Section – 3(f) Sapinda Relationship

6) Section – 3(g) Degrees of Prohibited Relationship

7) Section-4 Overriding effect of the Act

8) Hindu Marriage – A sacrament or a contract

9) Section-5 Conditions of a Hindu Marriage

10) Section-7 Ceremonies for a Hindu Marriage

11) Section-8 Registration of Hindu Marriages

12) Section-9 Restitution of Conjugal Rights

13) Section-10 Judicial Separation

14) Section-11 Void Marriages

15) Section-12 Voidable Marriages

16) Section-13 Divorce (Theories)

17) Section-13 Divorce (ADULTRY)

18) Section-13 Divorce (CRUELTY)

19) Section-13 Divorce (DESERTION)

20) Section-13 Divorce (Conversion, Insanity, Veneral Disease)

21) Section-13 Divorce (Renunciation, Presumption of Death)

22) Section-13(2) Divorce (Grounds available exclusively to the wife)

23) Section-13 (1A) Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage Theory

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  1. @Ratika Gupta
    Questions :- Suppose husband do adultery or cruelty and wife left home permanently. Court don’t give conjugal restitution as wife prove reason of seperation. Wife don’t want to give divorce and don’t want to live with husband also . Can husband ask for divorce based on this section ? As husband can’t marry another women to led happy life in long run or he have to live like vidur for whole life.

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