Senate hears divorce bill for the 1st time

Senate hears divorce bill for the 1st time

The divorce bill finally gets its chance to be heard at the Senate. The House of Representatives approved the measure and final reading during the 17th Congress but it did not move in the Senate. Some senators say, there is no chances to be approved.


  1. The "church argument based on a line in our Preamble" re- on the sanctity of marriage; it is far too incomprehensible because there was only human intervention, ("the priest, kuno"… is not a spiritual being; as we are)… based on belief and has no material weight and if you want to review… please read the Bible pertaining to the life of the prime personalities mentioned in the bible who have accumulated many wives without the approval of the Most High.

  2. divorce for poor!annulment for rich❗️NEW LAW😉👏👏👏👏no KURAKOT sa mahihirap

  3. "Namumuhi ako sa Deborsyo ng mag-asawa," Sabi ng Panginoong DIOS…
    New Pilipino version
    Malakias2:16. 🇮🇹

  4. i think the easy way to get remarried is to kill your bills you dont need to pay a big money to the atty. less time after you killed your spouse your free….easy and fast but making sure no one can see it lmao

  5. divorce bill is the best way to make our economy boosted. If you are in jail, who will work for your children. #SupportDivorceBill

    I am a roman catholic but if you allow the person who suffered of BRUTAL MARRIAGE, I think you have allowed the devil to produce a sin.#SupportDivorceBill

  6. i was with a cheat of a wife who does nothing but jump from one man to the other i wanted divorce so bad but there was no evidence to back at her, it up not till a colleague recommended A professional hacker and i i didn’t think twice
    in contacting him on Instagram @evidencehacker911 they were able to give me evidence to divorce her and gain my freedom i know you are going through uncertainty right now but i can assure you these guys are the best in the game and they will give you what you need…………

  7. Your country’s stone age “tradition” for not having a divorce like most developed countries is ruining your own country and is holding its own potential back.
    I, for instance, and I’m sure I’m not the only 1, as someone who is not married and I am not looking to marry any western woman even though I live in the west and because I see how ruined majority of western woman are, I much rather marry a good Filipina. As a single unmarried guy, over the years I did communicate with a couple of Filipinas online and we kept in contact as friends via chatting, voice/video calling, and I even met 1 of them in the Philippines when I visited there. I felt the chemistry and she seemed like a really nice well mannered individual, the only problem was and still is is that she is legally married even though she and her husband haven’t been together for several years, he abandoned his 2 children and he is with another woman.
    I felt like I could build a foundation with her and marry her and help her out with the 2 kids as well as invest my own money in buying a couple properties in the Philippines after marrying her, but due to your country having no divorce – my ideal goal with her which is what I just described here is not within reach.
    How can I marry a Filipina and invest in Philippines if the Filipina that I want to marry is still stuck in a broken useless marriage due to your country having no divorce?
    The more your country keeps this “tradition” of not being able to legally, efficiently and quickly to divorce – the more your country is setting itself back. No matter what the reason is for wanting a divorce in your country, whether if it’s due to cheating, or due to 1 person in that marriage feeling like that is not the person that that person wants to spend the rest of the life with for any other reasons, if a divorce would be legalized in your country – the person who wants to end the marriage could do it in a respectful way instead that that person would end up cheating or even both of the people in that marriage end up cheating on each other.
    Fix this divorce thing in your country so foreigners such as myself could marry a Filipina where both of us could appreciate each other and also your country will appreciate westerners such as myself investing in your country. I much rather buy 2-3 houses in the Philippines than to buy 1 house in the USA, and I bet the real estate company in Philippines would be very happy to sell houses to more Filipinas who are married to foreigners.

  8. Dapat may distinction sa Kinasal sa simbahan at Huwes.. Ang kinasal sa huwas is tao ang nagpaisa, hindi Diyos.

  9. Sabihin na nating sacred ang kasal sa bansa natin.,paano naman po kaming mahihirap na gusto na naming hiwalayan ang mga partners naming abusado,drug addict,sugarol, babaero pa, all in one na sa ka dimonyohan, wag nyo pong sabihin na magpapaka martir pa kami sa mga pinaggagawa nang mga x namin.,tapos ang annulment dito sa pinas subrang mahal at ang tagal tagal pang matapos, maawa namn kayo sa mga taong katulad namin na kailangan ang tulong ninyo!, pakinggan nyo naman ang mga hinaing nang mga taong katulad namin.,at tsaka po alam nang dyos kung bakit gusto naming makipag hiwalay sa mga x husband namin.,,pakinggan nyo muna ang mga hinaing namin bago kayo magsalita na di kayo sasang ayon sa dissolution of marriage sa bansa.. wag nyong isipin ang mga sarili ninyo isipin nyo ang bawat babaeng naghihirap sa mga kamay nang mga lalaking abusado.!

  10. Wow ha sa ibang bansa mas meron pang sacred religious believers…. but kapag nde na kaya ng both parties ang bilis mag divorce . Sa daming miserable na kaso… uunahin pa ba ang faith faith na yan ..!!??? Basta may Diyos kang pinaniniwalaan ayos…. pero iba na yung i re relate pa sa Diyos at sa Bible yung misery ng mga tao… wake up Philippines 🇵🇭 !!! It’s time to really move on…. !! Boto ako sa Dissolution of marriage 👍

  11. These people are not reading bible. Joel Villanueva, did you really read the word of God? I thought you were a pastor?And you Catholic Priests, what kind of bible are you reading? One of the commandment is not to worship any graven images because The Father in Heaven is a jealous God and He is alive, not dead. You worship stone and wood in human form made by hand from a walking dead.Idolatry is a sin and you know that. You don’t just take a scripture in the bible! Study the word of God. You bring curses in the Philippines and to all Filipino people. God allowed divorce in the bible, didn’t you read that? Catholic churches are Pagans, occult. Stop deceiving people, stop the curse and punishment. Divorce is in the bible. Let’s get the divorce bill approved.Wake up people. The judgement has started.

  12. Politicians like the last guy are fixed minded for short idiot enough to not see masses suffering. Law State and religion are better not get mixed up in the constitution and law should stand for the masses and politicians should follow them as if that guy will be standing in the Senate without the approval of the people so I’ll f*ck my vote and snatch him in his position

  13. yung opposition focus lang sa title "Marriage" hindi sa grounds kung bakit dapat legalize ang dissolution of marriage or divorce bill. Concern yung oppositions sa sarili nila paniniwala kaysa hinaing ng karamihan.

  14. Sacred sacred pa kayo nalalaman pero okay sa inyo annulment.. Funny they allowed annulment yet cannot approve divorce.. Very SIMPLE, sino ba makikinabang sa sobrang mahal na bayad for annulment??? Majority of the lawyers and judges na gahaman sa pera. Dahil ang divorce ay cheaper kaya ayaw nila. Kaya wag nyo idahilan na sacred ang kasal dahil in the first place kung yan ang totoong dahilan nyo, dapat pati annullment di nyo pinayagan!

  15. A quick escape? I’m a divorced man in Europe. I spent the first 10 years being dragged through the courts, where I live divorce is suited for women only. Philippines is not my country, but why should a couple have to stay married when there is no love between them. It also effects the children & family members on both sides. Property should be shared of left until the youngest child is 18, I agreed to that as I loved my children & felt that they would have security during their bringing up.. Husbands should support their children & the same for women when children atr living with their fathers. Don’t leave people living in misery, if marriage isn’t working out a separation period should be tried first & progress to divorce if there is no resolution in the trial period. good luck to all concerned in this matter ..

  16. Go divorce…because of the absence of law it seems we encourage adultery instead of giving finality to the issue.

  17. Ang pinapagsama nga ng DIOS, ay huwag papag-hiwalayin ng tao.
    Mateo 19:6 🇮🇹

  18. Yes to divorce..sinusunod or sumusunod ba kayo sa bibliya???mga pulitiko nakikiusap kaming mga nangangailangan ng divorce dahil karamihan ng nangangailangan ng divorce ay biktima ng panloloko or any kind of abuse…mga senador at mambabatas bigyan nyo naman ng pagkakataon na maglaroon ng bagong buhay at pag asa ang mga biktima ng mga kani kanilang asawa

  19. anu anong bansa na ba ang hindi legal o hindi pinapahintulutan ang diborsyo? Republic of the Philippines at Vatican City. Symbolically, kapag UNIFICATION OF THE STATE AND THE CHURCH, masasabing ang ROMAN REPUBLIC sa ngayon ay ang REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES at ang SIMBAHANG TUMATAGUYOD SA ESTADO ay ang VATICAN CITY. HUWAG PO TAYONG GAYA GAYA SA IBANG MGA BANSA NA PURO SHIT at Basura ANG DECISION. DARATING NA ANG PINAKAHIHINTAY SA PINAGSAMASAMANG HISTORY at ipupurnada pa BA natin ito? Di ba? E SAKTO PA RIN AT COMPATIBLE kasi ang Pilipinas ang ORIG NA CATHOLIC COUNTRY OF THE FAR EAST. at tingin tingin po tayo sa 1987 PHILIPPINE CONSTITUTION – Article XV (15) THE FAMILY. SOLID yan.

  20. Joel villanueva gumising ka nga isipin mo nalang ung lahat ng mga asawa sinasaktan araw araw at gusto na nila makawala pero hindi sila makawala.

  21. kung ayaw nyo ng divorce at annulment ang gusto nyo.pakibayaran nyo ung annulment bida kayokaya kayo GUMASTOS

  22. #YesToDivorce
    Especially those who experience abusive marriage

  23. This is stupid. Many kings in the Bible have mutiple wives. Abraham has two wives. Yes to divorce. Who listen to catholic priest? All they teach are wrong. Duterte admin will approve of this.. I dont to suffer anymore with my wife. Cheated to me many times, i always forgive but not anymore. Someone is waiting for me to love me truly..

  24. Ganyan sa pamangkin ko asawa nya katulad nyan lasenggero pa ang hayop pagnalasing kahit hating gabi makalayas cla ng hnde oras na nanghahabol ng itak grabe

  25. God does not favor the severing of marriage pero pag di na healthy, Matthew 5:31
    "It has been said, ‘Anyone who divorces his wife must give her a certificate of divorce.”

    Deutoronomy 24:1 “Suppose a man marries a woman but she does not please him. Having discovered something wrong with her, he writes a document of divorce, hands it to her, and sends her away from his house.

    Matthew 19:7-8 “Why then,” they asked, “did Moses command that a man give his wife a certificate of divorce and send her away?”

    8 Jesus replied, “Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard. But it was not this way from the beginning. 9 I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.”

  26. MATTHEW 19:9 does not prohibit divorce at all. ADULTERY is the issue. Divorce is not adultery. It is REMARRYING, if the reason for divorce is not sexual immorality, that commits ADULTERY.

  27. Yes to divorce bill.. matagal na kaming hiwalay at meron na ciang pamilya para ako ay makapag move on kami sa aming mga buhay. Ang annulment ay para sa mga mayayaman pano po kaming mahihirap.

  28. the public has spoken…the denominator is APPROVE DIVORCE BILL…like the happy married couple, we , too, want to be happy (may partner man o wala) us from bondage…we cry for the approval of DIVORCE

  29. what God put together no one separates, but my conscience tells me I am married in a civil wedding, i am not included in the issue why not set me free

  30. Correction po. Hindi pa annulled si Ms Sibonga due to OSG questioned the Family Court decision on granting the petition.

  31. Divorce is not ok, but to those partners that are suffering because of violence and has no money to file an annulment, it is needed. But there must be stricter grounds for divorce. When you start hurting your partner physically and mentally, you already dishonored the marriage. When you engage in immorality, which even the Bible uses as an exception, you also dishonor the marriage. Protection against victims is more important at this point.

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