Sex Addiction Therapy | Utah Clinic #sexaddiction #betrayaltrauma #marriagecounseling

Sex Addiction Therapy | Utah Clinic #sexaddiction #betrayaltrauma #marriagecounseling

Healing Paths, Inc. is Utah’s premier therapy clinic for treating sex addiction.


In this video Jackie Pack, a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) and the owner of Healing Paths, talks about how many partners would prefer their spouses suffer from alcohol abuse, drug abuse, or substance abuse than the incredibly intimate consequences of a sexual addiction.

Sex is deeply personal, yet as we look at the root of addiction, it doesn’t matter what type of addiction it is, whether it’s behavioral or substance abuse, addiction is addiction. To the body and the brain, the root causes are often the same.

It’s important for couples struggling with the consequences of sexual addiction to understand: this is bigger than the relationship. Although these types of problems certainly have an intimate effect on relationships, it’s essential to know that the cause of addiction often started long before the marriage, usually in early childhood. Knowing this fact can help both partners empathize with one another, understand how the addiction is affecting each other, and find hope in the future.

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