Shark Tank's Mark Cuban Calls Out THE SLEAZIEST FRAUD!

Shark Tank's Mark Cuban Calls Out THE SLEAZIEST FRAUD!

Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban Calls Out THE SLEAZIEST FRAUD!

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  1. I dont thiiiiiink i can type how you speeeeaaak but ill tryyyyy. I cant teeeellll if your a roboooooot but i beleeeeve that itssssss posssssibllllee.

  2. That rolodoc thing would have been a good idea – now considering how there are telus health and other apps doing the same thing

  3. Oemmgeee this narrator is annoying af, someone notify me when u do this video in a voice that doesn’t make me suicidal as I listen….

  4. Well there’s 13 minutes of my F’n life that I’ll never get back! WHY do you people constantly find the need to narrate ? Just let the recording do the work

  5. Your video would be better if you actually played the episodes instead of you blabbing over them cause that’s what people are interested in!!!!

  6. unpopular opinion: I actually think social media for medical doctors is a good idea since there are similar things for lawyers and engineers too.

    what the RolloDoc should have done is
    1) talk to those people that have experience in building social media for professionals and find out how social media solve problems for those professionals

    2) finding out what problems "social media for medical doctors" can solve

    2) Test it and see how such a media is similar or different from other social media that built for professionals

  7. Lol the 1st guy @ when he offered a sample to Mark Cuban, but when says no, the guy responds with “Mark. It’s Dallas Mavrick’s blue, just for you!” It seems like he knew Mark would call him out for his BS, so he even had a line prepped and ready to go… how pathetic!

  8. The usual. When some try to sell a idea to people with money who will sell it to the public who dont really need the product.😄

  9. How can they call these scammers, con artist and ad go getter be in Shark Tank? Looks like Shark Tank have to evaluate their legitimacy and contestant screening process.

  10. Certainly shows what kind of "businessman" O’Leary actually is. Mr. Wonderful? Please! Mr. Shady, maybe.

  11. You don’t need to ‘believe’ in the technology. Anybody with high school physics understands the relationship between positive ions and electrons. BS about a ‘balance’ produced by a watch (I didn’t waste my time watching the video) is obviously a scam.

  12. 3.14% the guy is literally asking for PI! Wtf well not LITERALLY but rounded you get me! If I was an invester and somebody offered me a silly fucking complicated stupid number like that I’d slap him with a wad of 50’s or or I uess 100 dollar bills they use here. Dragons are CHAPS with their £50 notes most shops wont accept any more in Britain. Also if you’re British you might remember the advert where there’s like a commando style drill training camp thing for the fishermen of a small tine pacific island where they got slapped with a fish and had to repeat "I WILL NEVER BE A FISHERMAN!" that’s what I’d make him do. Slap him with small pleater shark "I WILL NEVER BE A SHARK BOSSMAN" fucking hell man. THREE POINT ONE FOUR! For half a fucking mill! Jesus H Wept.

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