1. Stop with the fake news the porsche incident. The man is not rich he will not pay for anything the insurance company will pay to replace or fix all the vehicles. Not the man.

  2. the last video was inappropriate.. it was no reason for him to tough on that woman’s breast! No reason for that.. That is a violation..!!

  3. My mom wants a drunk driver the next morning she got arrested for crashing into a truck on the interstate freeway

  4. The fire truck video upsets me to know end. For those of you who have behaved this way I ask you to imagine this :. Every second that you are within a burning building you are at risk of injury and death. Furthermore; every second that you are within a burning building and suffering burns from the heat and flames, you are increasing the severity of your injuries. To be clear, the difference from 3rd° burns and 1st° burns is a matter of seconds. The difference between a bandage and having your skin sleeved off of your limbs is the difference of yielding the right of way for emergency response vehicles and NOT yielding the way. Maybe one day you will experience this difference as you are awaiting emergency response vehicles.

  5. My sister threw coffee at her boyfriend once after finding out she was cheating on him with my cousin

  6. In any other western democracy this female would have had to be searched by a female officer and a male officer would never do this as it would be the end of his carrer.
    That is a violation of a woman’s body by a male and in public if a member of the public had done this to a female they would have been charged with sexual assault and placed on the register.

  7. Ahh Damn…This was Hilarous to watch …especially 7:15 🤣😂
    Armoring himself with an American helmet..LOL

  8. People who make false accusations should get double of whatever punishment the victim would’ve received if they were wrongfully found guilty.

  9. Whoever produced this atrocity should delete it, then delete their channel, then delete there YouTube account entirely. Then delete the YouTube app. Then throw out their computer and smartphone so they are never tempted in any way to ever make another video.

  10. That police officer is a pervert if only the truth be told by women who and been taken advantage of by a police officer in authority. I know there are wonderful police officers but still some women do get abused by some .

  11. I didn’t watch the video, but I knew it is a clickbait
    So I came here to report and dislike, and I will send an army to do the same
    Good luck 🤞

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