She wants a divorce because he stays at home and not enough sex. | Divorce Court

She wants a divorce because he stays at home and not enough sex. | Divorce Court

So we stumbled on this ridiculous Divorce case. This shit was so funny and random it couldn’t be all scripted.

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  1. 9:22 when preach took aba down with him (pause) I would give to have some friends like yall lmao… I have maybe one n he moved to Arizona. Yall friendship dynamic is hilarious and inspiring 🤣🤣🤣

  2. If rolls were reversed the guy would have had to pay half of his wealth to the girl and pay alimony long term. The justice system doesn’t exist for men.

  3. Women vs men orgasms are very different, its not surprising that the judge and the girl don’t understand that a guy’s junk needs a break at times. If it’s too often it starts hurting really bad, and that’s a physiological reaction we can’t control.

    Also the Judge’s words to the husband were ridiculous. It’s fine shes insulting him about not doing enough, etc. Role reverse would be an insanely loud public outcry about a judge insulting a stay at home wife.

    Also kinda hilarious that Aba looks like he’s wearing white face from the light in this vid.

  4. So. You "dont feel bad" for her, and "hope she ends up paying thousands of dollars for her mistake". Why? – Because she "knew the system and signed into it". Well maybe the system is fucking stupid and the only alternative is not getting married, so some people feel forced to take the risk.
    You say she musta known who he was from the start in order to justify your viewpoint, but you can’t be sure. Some people are better, some worse at picking up these cues, lol.
    I dont understand why you’re sticking up for this pathetic guy. Obviously he misrepresented himself in the beginning, and now just wants a cash out for no work. If its wrong when women do it, its certainly wrong when men do it. Dont cheer this guy just because hes doing the same thing that you often see women unjustly get away with.

  5. I watched a lot of court shows when I was in college, and I’ve seen idiotic people who act so dumb in these cases.

  6. Bro I would nail that girl fasho. This guy is a girl brotha a girl lol

    Workout while she works and pineapple juice bro. You’ll love it you pansy

  7. Wow it’s so crazy seeing an older video like this. You guys evolved so much since then. Still great though 🙂

  8. Let’s be honest, Preach’s howling laughter and rolling on the floor at the sugar wall joke was all of our reactions too.🤣👌💀

  9. A ‘house husband’ does not have anywhere near the same level of stress, obligations, duties & exhaustion that a ‘stay at home dad’ has so let’s not get it twisted lol 🤪🤣 generally speaking I find men seem to have a good sex drive even if they are stressed, tired or upset so I’m finding it hard to comprehend his lack of sex drive if he has been at home all day with no kids to look after? 😂🤷‍♀️

  10. The husband is trippin lol yeah it can be exhausting. But doesn’t he realize how many men are trapped in sexless marriages? A lot of men would rather be in his situation.

  11. Bro this dude is a bitch. If my woman was supporting me like that if the dick tired you gotta use that tongue game. I don’t know how the rest of their relationship is but like come on if you don’t like the situation change it.

  12. Omfg!!!! Preach your laugh over the sugar walls and feeling diabetic literally almost killed me. I did the same laugh you did but over your laugh. It cracked me up!

  13. Stop comparing this to stay at home moms. This couple do not have kids together. He was useless before the marriage, and wasn’t made useless BY her. It’s different if there are kids involved, because someone has to take care of them which puts someone else out of work (usually). This didn’t happen. She did not contribute to him or ask him to not work. If she had a kid, and asked him to quit or not find a job, to take care of a kid, he’d have a case.

  14. You got a damn rest, you rested all damn day, when she gets home you need to tear that thing up.
    Call me, I’ll come over and take care of your light work, I promise she will never ask you again

  15. He’s not even a dad first off they have no kids together secondly is nothing wrong with being a stay-at-home partner if that’s what you all agreed upon but if you told someone you was going to get a job you need to get up off your ass and get a job don’t matter if you’re a woman or a man. Because if y’all didn’t agree that you were going to live off the other person and they were going to work then they should not be the only one working.

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