SHOHEI OHTANI IS INCREDIBLE!! Tosses ANOTHER scoreless outing and records a hit in Angels win!

SHOHEI OHTANI IS INCREDIBLE!! Tosses ANOTHER scoreless outing and records a hit in Angels win!

Shohei Ohtani can’t be stopped on the mound or at the plate.

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  1. 当たり前のようにやって見慣れてきてしまったがとんでもない事をやり続けている事を忘れてはいけない。彼が当たり前のように毎日やるもんだから一部の人は感覚が麻痺してしまってる。

  2. Man that 3rd base coach got close to touching the base runner at the 1:22 point. If he had touched him the base runner could have been called out.

  3. I’m traveling in Japan. He’s bigger than Messi in Argentina. Japanese love baseball more than America per capita.

  4. damn.. never imagined that MLB would be the most racially diverse sports org in the world… nice to see true racial diversity

  5. Love the k on the curveball the pitch before that was a fastball at 98 which the batter fouled off, love his reaction to his strikeout lol like what a nasty pitch

  6. We actually have a decent contending team in our city but well Otani is the only thing keeping me remotely interested in baseball.

  7. Someone please tell me which, AL- or NL-, MVP/CY will be counted as, if Shohei be traded to NL team this summer.

  8. 官方應該將這些比賽後的畫面,授權給各國的網路分析家,不然官方靠這些影片能賺多少錢,再來語言的隔閡會限制了棒球的推廣,而球星的養成也需要這些網紅的推波助瀾,只要他們販售大聯盟商品連結就好,這樣才能雙贏吧。

  9. 본인 말로, 이제 선수 중반기라고 했는데도,
    Ohtani 는 아직도 성장하고 있구나.
    모든면에서 너무 완벽해서, 인간답지 않아서 인간적이네.❤❤❤

  10. don’t take this a norm. what if we can’t see this in the future, you would think baseball is boring.

  11. We won’t see anybody like him in our lifetime. If you make movie like this, you will get criticized that it is too unrealistic.

  12. The scary part is he just keeps getting better… And we’re all getting used to this. What a time to be a baseball fan.

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