Should I Fire My Divorce Lawyer?

Should I Fire My Divorce Lawyer?

Are you unhappy with your divorce lawyer? That’s not uncommon. The number one complaint clients have is lack of communication- not returning calls, not explaining the process of the divorce or the decisions being made, or next steps. This video discusses when and how to deal with this issue.

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  1. My problem with my lawyer is complex. Apart from the fact that he is becoming more and more aggressive with me is when we filed the 1st step separation docs he asked me things about the last 3-5 years. Divorce is a kind of war and my husband digged out some old papers about a bank account dedicated to stock exchange trading. This bank account has been closed in 2012 and I made trading in 2005. Trading is not for me. Now my lawyer treats me like a liar dishonest person who is hiding things. In another country I have a sleeping company with my sister. I have never received any payment from that company. We simply have no enough money to close it. My husband found that too. Nobody has told me that I was supposed to declare that too. So, my lawyer is mad at me for that one too. If I have to study law why should I pay a lawyer? My lawyer prepared an email that I had to send my husband. As usual I have sent him a CC copy. Again, he sent me a very aggressive email I should’ve sent him a CC email. He said nothing about it before making me to send the email. It is again my fault.

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