Should You Be [Dating] During Separation/Divorce?

Should You Be [Dating] During Separation/Divorce?

When is the right time to start dating if you’re separated? Can it effect your divorce settlement? What should you expect? What should you do differently?



* This video is meant to assist you or someone you know through the divorce process. This video is provided for information purposes only. This video and its contents are not intended to replace, supplement, or be provided in lieu of you obtaining proper advise from professionals who are licensed in their specific field of practice, and who are familiar with the specific details & circumstances of your personal situation. Although the divorced guy and/or any other professionals featured and/or referred to on this channel are licensed professionals, NO PROFESSIONAL can give you personal professional advise via video unless they speak with you directly.

** The content in this video is based on Divorce in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

*** All content was accurate at the date & time of filming this video.


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