Should YOU PAY a FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY? #payafamilylawattorney #familylawattorney

Should YOU PAY a FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY? #payafamilylawattorney #familylawattorney

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In this video, I help you decide if you should pay a family law lawyer. If are going through, or thinking of, a divorce, then you have wondered if you should retain a lawyer to assist you with the process. A family law attorney can offer tremendous value in court and in mediation, but lawyers are expensive. When is it worth it to hire a lawyer? When is it better to not hire an attorney and just handle your divorce yourself?

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0:00 Introduction
1:38 Do you have minor children?
4:21 Do you have valuable property?
7:30 Have you experienced domestic issues?
9:48 Are you married to a narcissist?
10:41 Bonus tips

Legal Disclaimer: This is not legal advice, nor can I give you legal advice. Everything here is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. Nothing here should be construed to form an attorney-client relationship.

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  1. Never been married. My child support case is in california as well as my visitation. Moved out of california to oklahoma when my son was 3. I’d go back to visit him every year. He came out for the first time last year and wants to continue to come down to visit me. But his mom…you know…so should I hire an attorney to modify my visitation and child support? Since I’m now in a different state?

  2. I’m tickled as h*ll! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is so true, people get super petty during divorces. I’ve heard and seen all of your examples, and many more in court. I remember a husband telling the judge he lost his soon to be ex wife’s $500,000.00 ring that he was supposed to be giving her in open court, and the judge telling him if he didn’t find it by the return of lunch he would be in contempt. The ring magically appeared after lunch. 🤣

  3. Hi, I’m about to get divorced. My wife decided she does not want kids, which is a deal-breaker for me. She has some mental & emotional issues as well, so she moved out a few months ago to live with her mom and work on herself. Then just a couple weeks ago told me it’s over. We are amicable though. The only thing we have that’s worth anything is our home (about $250k), which we’ve only really begun to start to pay off. The house is the only thing worth "fighting" for (legally in my name). Not sure if I need an attorney or not, but if she gets one I guess I’ll have to. My network is only about $100k (and it’s mostly in my retirement accounts). I **do not** want to sell the house! So far she has said that’s ok, we don’t have to sell it.

    Appreciate any feedback you’d be willing to provide. Much thanks in advance!!

  4. I recently just got married but the mother of my child file child support a couple of months beforehand. Will they take out how much we both make or just myself

  5. I just hired my attorney last week for my daughter my baby daddy stole my daughter sending the mail to the wrong address so I miss court

  6. Lead Attorney, I NEED HELP! Here is my scenario: I am trying to divorce my wife of maybe 13 months – we didn’t last long at all. We had a daughter about 3 months ago and since we’ve gotten married, we have been living 3 hours apart from each. We were high school friends and thought it was a great idea to just dive straight into it instead of dating first. Sooner than later, I realized that that was a horrible mistake but now I feel stuck because she doesn’t want the divorce and refuses to sign the papers. Aside from our daughter we do not own anything together nor have we ever lived together. I’ve been calling around but attorneys have been charging up to $2,000 retainer fees. What would you suggest?

  7. As a combat veteran diagnosed with PTSD and almost 60, I think suicide is a better option than spending days in jail for not paying child support. Veterans are suffering big time is many cases. If it happens to me, I would tell my child…" I can’t take unfair punishment. Your mom married me for benefits". Check the stats. Suicide among veterans is alarming. One veteran took his life right out of the VA parking lot. Jail time will drive crazy a combat veteran. So, is not we don’t want to pay. We want shared custody. I have another story. I divorced in the early 90s. Because it was a fair amount, I made payments in time for 14 years.

  8. I wish you were in Canada

    Everything you talk about is relevant to me right now.
    I’m not married but I have some assets from my small business and am trying to set myself up properly for the future. I’m 31

    Can you recommend how to find a competent attorney (like you) in my market?

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