1. I have my mediation and dissolution of an almost 10 year marriage on Monday..the 1st of what I expect to be many appointments. Im heart broken and dissapointed. Two grown ass adults that acted like children..my 8 year old loses no matter the outcome.

  2. Great mediation video, I feel so relaxed that I’m going to sell all my weed, thank you, so much, let’s be YouTube pals?

  3. This is not a great example at all. The father does not seem to care about spending time with his children. The reality is that most fathers are fighting tooth and nail to be in their father’s lives. I’m guessing this video is geared towards women who hope their soon to be ex rolls over like this guy.

  4. If he wants to see the child more. He should’ve stayed married and got marriage counciling..
    God should be first in the marriage and family and things would be better

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  6. I went to mediation 2 years ago and when we went back to court nothing was said in behalf of either parties involved. I have to ( once again ) go to mediation and I have a beautiful 3 y/o daughter whom I have never had a single overnight with and this is because her mother refuses to allow me any parenting time without being at her house or with her. I was never married and I live roughly 50 mile away from her and in IN and she lives in IL. I am a Professional Firefighter and cannot move out of IN per our States law. I am hoping to get some resolve and only pray that the mediator can see that I am not being given enough time.

  7. From what I know about negotiating, the mediator did an excellent job in defining the goal clearly and keeping the conversation on track to reach that specific goal. He also did a great job in repeating the couples’ concerns to make sure that their concerns were not misunderstood. Idk if he stated any boundaries around interrupting before the session began but I feel like that should be a rule in any mediation session. I’ve also heard that open ended questions are always best in negotiations and to use questions without a β€œyes or no” answer as much as you can… but again I’ve only done some research but I’m not an expert or anything. I’m just a big fan of peace.

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  9. Lord have mercy going through divorce now they keep pushing my mediation back just want it over!!! 😩

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