Six Client Intake Forms Mental Health Counselors Need for Intake Assessments

Six Client Intake Forms Mental Health Counselors Need for Intake Assessments


Hi everyone, its Jean and today I want to show you all the different forms in the private practice starter kit that would be considered client intake forms.

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In this brief presentation I’ll show you the client intake forms in your private practice starter kit and share one huge Business Tip that hardy anyone else takes advantage of:

1. Phone Intake
2. Personal Information and Insurance
3. Biopsychosocial
4. Intake Assessment
5. Information and Consent
6. Release of Information

First, the phone Intake – this is where it begins. A 1 page form that guides you or your secretary through the phone intake interview. TAKE note of the Referred By prompt. More about that later.

Second, Personal Information and Insurance – collects all the important information to bill insurance if your client is using behavioral health benefits. Kit comes with 2 forms: one that assigns benefits to the therapist and a another that assigns benefits to the client.

Third, Biopsychosocial, 5 page comprehensive biopsychosocial – this is the most important part of the intake. This form has a holistic bent to it – it covers everything from symptoms, to mental health history, nutrition, to spiritual history as well as abuse, developmental history and much more. This form will help you do a comprehensive assessment that will help begin to unfold the clients real issues so that you can collaborate with your client on an developing a treatment plan that will result in client success.

Fourth, Intake Assessment, this is where you summarize your clinically important findings from the biopsychosocial and intake interview. This is also the form you use to document the mental status exam, clinical and diagnostic impressions.

Fifth, Information and Consent, you cant do therapy without informed consent. This form covers all the general basis you need to inform your client of before beginning therapy. When I put together my own personal intake forms I consulted with an attorney. You may want to do the same especially regarding your Information and Consent form.

But the nice thing about this form is, if you are using Microsoft word you can easily tweak it to add or delete words or segments to make it fit your own counseling philosophy.

Finally, the release of information, when in the best interest of your client, use this form to get your client’s permission to speak with others about your client’s treatment

Now that huge business tip: Remember the Phone Intake – Always make sure to ask how the individual was referred to you. This ties in with your business strategy. When appropriate send a thank you note each time you receive a referral…this is an important part of branding yourself and setting yourself apart in the community. Very few counselors do this.

Robust forms like these one will assist you in conducting a thorough and effective intake that will get counseling started on the right foot.

For more information on downloading this intake form assessment as well as other tools and forms to make your job easier go to or click the link in the description below this video.

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