Small Diameter "Mini" Dental Implants

Small Diameter "Mini" Dental Implants

We talk to Dr. Brandt Bower about small diameter “mini” dental implants. Plus, how to know if you are a candidate for mini dental implants. Plus, what’s involved with the free implant consultation.

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  1. And insurance companies don’t cover a nickel of it… and a full set (upper/lower) probably runs $50,000

  2. Ok is there any wire like a bar you have to have can you leave them in or do you have to take them of I did see a video where a lady had implants but they did put a wire ?

  3. I got the removable mini implants, and hate them. I got them put in last week, and regret not looking into other options. Mini implants are just glorified Dentures. I feel like I’m eating with someone else’s teeth. The only thing I can eat right now is soup . Mini implants are way over priced.

  4. 1000 is a steal but how much are the other fees, you have extractions, relines, immediate dentures, extra office visits

  5. Implants are virtually a MUST HAVE for lower dentures. The implants will stop your jaw bone from eroding and stabilize your dentures A LOT more. Seriously, don’t get lower dentures without implants. It’s a foolish idea. Uppers aren’t usually needed as much because if they are working properly the bridge will create a strong suction which will hold the teeth in place quite well. That isn’t the case at all for lower dentures, they are literally just sitting on the jawbone.

  6. Please help me to know of a Dentist that is in the Broward County Fla. ?? Thank you so very much

  7. These small diameter implants do work well for stability for full dentures. They are not foolproof and some will fail. The issue is how much pressure will be transmitted to the bone. Being smaller in area than a conventional implant the pressure per unit are is larger, therefore people with heavy jaw function and non-dense bone might not be a great candidate for this treatment. I have used them in my dental practice in Australia and most worked out O.K.
    Aesthetically I would not suggest them for young women with a high smile line to support a crown.

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