Social Security Rules for Divorced Spouses | 10 Year Rule for Social Security

Social Security Rules for Divorced Spouses | 10 Year Rule for Social Security

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In this video, Sylvia Gordon of the Medicare Family talks about Social Security Rules for Divorced Spouses. Collecting your ex-husband’s Social Security? Everyone remembers the ten-year rule, but did you know you have to wait to draw until your ex is eligible for benefits? To be eligible, you must have been married to your ex-spouse for 10 years or more. If you have since remarried, you can’t collect benefits on your former spouse’s record unless your later marriage ended by annulment, divorce, or death. AND, if you’re separated but not divorced, the RULES are different!!


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  1. If he’s 62 and drawing but I’m 59 and still working, can I draw? Also, how does that work if I’m a teacher who is paying into STRS?

  2. Your in info is not complete , how long you have to wait after divorce to apply for this? Thank you

  3. I love the video..I was Married for 11 years now divorced for 9 years am57and he’s 49 he remarried and retired when can I draw from him?

  4. How do I find out how much my deceased husband made in work earnings while he was here ? Just to see exactly what I’m due to receive in widows pension. Anyone know? I want SSA to be fair and square with me after finding out that they underpaid “ripped off”over 10,000 widows in 2019 which came up to around 141 million for their account and they had to reimburse widows. He died on active duty at 31 yrs old, we were married and neither of us had prior marriages. I was told 3 different amounts and wouldn’t you know it? I received a letter from SSA saying it would be $1494 instead of the $2020 or the other amount $2800 they told me over the phone. Also, they said I would receive 100 % as if he was still here to receive it. The letter is not even close to what I was told I’d receive AND no explanation on how they came up with the math figures. The letter states it was based on what I told them. First off, I didn’t tell them any more then they asked for. My name, DOB, SSN my deceased husbands SSN, DOB & Date of death which is July 4th 1993 but they had July 15 1993. He was military and died on active duty. Idk what the hell they mean by based on my info.
    I feel a crime was committed over the phone on my benefits and received a letter that’s MUCH less then I was told over the phone. Someone help me to understand this suspicious crime.

  5. Good to hear I’ve been divorced for 21 Years we were married for 22years he’s still alive . I draw at 62 . I needed the money He’s still alive will I get some of his social security when he’s gone never remarried .

  6. What are the rules for an ex who worked for the government? Would he be eligible for my SS if he remarried?

  7. I would like you to comment on a different kind of issue. But maybe you only discuss Medicare issues so you can’t comment on this situation, but here goes. My ex husband abandoned me and our 3 kids. So 8 months or so later I divorced him. He married another women, the mistress as soon as the divorce was final. I remained single for about 4 years then found my current husband and married him. My Ex’s new marriage produced 2 kids and then he ended up divorced from her a couple years later.
    A bill collector called me and wanted me to pay a bill my Ex had caused and couldn’t or wouldn’t pay the bill. He wanted me to pay. I said I wouldn’t, I wasn’t on that bill and wasn’t married to him when he incurred it. He said that didn’t matter I had been married to him. I said he had married another wife after me, and then was divorced from her. He said didn’t matter. I said I wouldn’t pay it, he said we’ll take you to court! It wasn’t till I told him that my current husband supported me and my children and I didn’t even hold a job, and he sure couldn’t get my wonderful husband to pay that bill that he went away!

  8. So when Divorced person draws $ from the other party, does the other party know that the ex is drawing Social Security from them? Does Social Security send out a letter to the EX stating that their once EX is drawing $ off of their Social Security? I wonder how many upset divorce people are out there if they knew what was going on with Social Security

  9. Hi I’m 56yrs old. My husband is 68 yrs old. We have been married 3yrs and separated 1 &1/2 yrs. Can he get my social security if he is filing for social security.

  10. Does this apply if you remarry? Let’s say that you’ve been married over 10 years and then divorced. Then you remarry. Do you still get Social Security from your first spouse?

  11. Thank you it was very informative I was wondering how that went you explained it very good to where I can understand it. Thank you for the time that you put into this channel to put the program together for us to watch and understand what you’re talking about I greatly appreciate petunia the little black-eyed Boston Bull terrier and me Chris ogles Crystal River Florida

  12. I’m 64 and my ex wife is 62 and we have been married 22 years and I was married a second time then the second marriage ended in divorce. Would I be able to get spousal benefits from my first wife

  13. What forms do I have to acquire from Social Security? I have the marriage license and the divorce documents. Thank you! I’ve been a subscriber for a while and you are always so helpful 🙏

  14. My exhusband is 66 and I’m 62. Am I able to draw on his SS or do I have to wait until I am drawing on my own??

  15. If you’re divorced from your ex for over 25 years and been married again for that long how would that work? And you will be drawing disability benefits at 62?

  16. I was divorced ( married 17 yrs). We both also remarried to others. Can I still claim his social or not? My ex just divorced again four months ago. Let me know, please

  17. You don’t have to have it written in your divorce decree? I’m in CA. Divorce finalized in February of 2021. Was married 28 yrs. Thanks

  18. I was told by the SS Administration that I couldn’t draw on my ex’s SS until he died. True? Or not?

  19. I will be my fiance’s second wife. Would i get his social security or does it only go to the first wife?

  20. Married for over 30 years. Divorced now 1 year. Will need to draw off his SS since I do not qualify under my own at all.
    He will be retiring at FRA at the end of the year…just as I am turning 62. I will need to apply for my early benefits on his record at this time. Could you tell me how this works since we will not have been divorced for the full two years when I need to apply?

  21. What about same sex couples? My spouse and I have been together for 39 years. We got legally married in Canada in 2003 before it was legal in the US. Our marriage was grandfathered in when same sex marriage was legalized in AZ. How can this work for us? I am 64 and disabled. My spouse is still working at 66 and plans on working until he is 67 or 70.

  22. My ex wife is 62 and I am 64. I lost my job a year ago . I ll get social security 2800$ when I am 67. My ex wife earns a lot more than me . I want to keep my own social security till 67. Can I draw my ex spousal benefit from her now to get some $ without drawing my own ?

  23. I’m married 23 yrs come Feb 2022. I draw SSDI. Husband retired last year & is drawing SS + Boeing Pension. I’m 59. Can I draw on either of his benefits?

  24. Before my x passed away , I found out that as long as we were married on paper for 10 years or more , I could collect on his social security. I read it in a AARP paper years before he passed away .
    I almost forgot about it because he had gotten remarried a few months before he passed .
    But then I remembered the AARP clip that I saved .
    Of course I had to take a million papers to the S. S. office .
    Long story short , his wife of a few months and I get a check!!
    And they gave me retro active because I didn’t file until a few months later !

  25. When reading about divorced survivor benefits, the example SSA gives is if a couple married, divorced, remarried wach other and divorced again. They would qualify if they were married in each of the 10 yrs. Even though they were not married at some point during that 10 years.
    In my situation, I was married during each of the 10 years, continuously, unlike the couple above. But, because my divorce was 4 or 5 days b4 my 10th anniversary, I’m out of luck.
    That is so nonsensical to me.

  26. BUT…. What if the ex dragon lady wasn’t married to me in the USA. It was a foreign marriage, never registered in the USA.
    Now, she was a green card holder for 4 years until we moved back overseas and she let the green card lapse.
    Can she suck benefits off of me?

  27. Thank ur channel. Question: can my ex spouse draw my SS if they marry a second time prior to me being SS age?

  28. This did not happen for me. Married 23 years, his benefits higher than mine. SS has me only drawing on mine because I applied at age 65, & he is still working. I was informed that collecting his would not make a difference…

  29. If I’m 55 and disabled getting ssd and my spouse gets ss when can I get benefits off of him if I can get more off of him

  30. I am 71 my ex husband just passed away at 71. We both waited until retirement age to collect. We where married 35 years. I have never remarried and neither did he. I draw my own social security. Will I be able to switch to his, it’s a lot more than mine.

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