1. Nadal has already beaten Federer on his prime many times.2004 was the year their rivalry started to be exact and Federer was on the top of the tennis world during that time.so far,the head to head stands at 21-10… for Rafa!!

  2. Not very good with sports physics myself, just wanna ask if the extra stress on knee joints is due to the rather unnatural stance Nadal’s in after the completion of a forehand due to his "facing the net"? That is to say, he’s not allowing his body to turn thereby forcing his knees to absorb the strain. Hope to get some insight there.

  3. NON , NO…Ce n’est pas la rotation du poignet qui donne du lift. c"est le passage ultra rapide de et de synchronisation  de :     L " EXTENTION  , , ABDUCTION ,en FLEXION ADUCTION…
    La rotation du poignet fait tourner la tete de raquette ds un plan longitudinal, comment pourrait elle  imprimer  le lift  ??????   confusion eternelle au tennis car la biomecanique est oubliée donc ,normal…..on peut donner bcp de lift  sans rotation du poignet  sans probleme …

  4. His forehand is monstrous, I just can’t imagine how much stress that puts on his arm and wrist though. I guess everything comes with a price.

  5. It’s crazy just how unique nasal’s forehand really is. I’ve recently been getting into watching futures and challenger tour tennis. After a couple of months of watching the differences between nadal and the rest is just amazing. Sure i see some guys that resemble’s nadal’s forehand from super crazy topspin to playing amazing defense to remarkable counter punching, mostly players from south america and spanish players who grew up on clay. The biggest factor i noticed from the players who use clay court tactics like rafa is that the player’s ball doesn’t have the weight that nadal has, it doesn’t push the player back as much causing an unforced error or hitting a weak ball that nadal can easily put away in the next shot. Hitting something with crazy amount of topspin is one thing but hitting with the weight that nadal does is completely a different level.

  6. Throw forward 2017, Federer have found a way to counter this high bouncing ball from Nadal. He started moving closer to the baseline and began taking the ball on the rise. He is hurrying Nadal, literally taking the ball early, and even volleying where he need not.

  7. Lethal, because it bounces so uncomfortably high to the opponent, but it’s slower and not much pace can be generated, giving the opponent the time to react. The topspin can just sit in the air for opponents to kill.

  8. That is not steroids. He does more time in the gym than most pros. You can tell steroids when you see it.

  9. Anyone else feels the voice over and the sound/music playing in the background sounds the same as what you hear when they talk about serial killers?

  10. You talk about running around the ball to hit it with his forehand. Yes he does do that but only sometimes, for the past few years he’s been developing a very lethal two handed backhand which has now become a prominent part of his arsenal. How do you beat someone who can hit backhands at the same speed as players hit forehands…

  11. You cant just attack the topspin because of the weight of the ball when it hits your racket. The advantages are the height of the bounce and the weight of shot.

  12. may be cos his points are long and that puts extra strain in knees. he runs a lot more than anyone else and in tennis you gotta change direction far too often for your knees to adapt to. sport like netball and tennis has such disadvantages

  13. not true. he’s NEVER injured his wrist, epicondile (near the elbow) or rotator cuff. he injures his knees a lot but not his arms.

  14. "He often finishes these forehands facing the net with no need for time consuming recovery" — exactly why he wore his knee down. Frankly, I’m amazed his elbow, arm, and /or shoulder hasn’t also gone bad with the sheer violence of his buggy whip forehand. I love watching him in action. It’s pure, brutal force coming off his forehand side. Excellent video – thanks!

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