Speedrunning YT Shorts #72

Speedrunning YT Shorts #72

FYI the purpose of this video is satire and comedy, and I do not intend to disrespect or deprecate content creators featured in this short, I just wanted to shorten some aspects of their videos for my fellow ADHD shorts users. All of the content creators are hard-working and creative individuals and I really enjoy their content, so I highly recommend subscribing to them.

Background MC parkour footage: @Ozercraft86 – check the actual speedrun god out

Also I obviously skip a lot of details about certain topics in the vid, so if you are interested in learning more you can find the featured vids below:



Everyone laughed at him when he married her. But 2 years later they regretted it #fyp #truestory

♬ I Spoke To The Devil In Miami – Svn7


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  1. "Guys don’t drink chocolate milk!"


    "Well, if you leave it out in a glass for a wheel, it goes bad!"

    "…Yeah? Your point?"

    "The Dairy Industry wants you to drink it, knowing it goes bad!"

  2. Thankfully, My shorts recommended are full of Warhammer 40k and Some blessing stories from Andy Jiang

  3. "Drugs won’t affect my child"
    The child’s first words: "speedrunning shorts"
    "Yeah that’s going for adoption"

  4. End the part it was funny as hell go subscribe to Joe caine I give him the iron cross🏅

  5. I don’t like many videos on YouTube. But I like every video of this mans that I come across. He suffers to give us only the best parts. Much love man

  6. The toilet issue can simply be fixed by Leaning forward and touching your feet when taking a shart.
    Won’t work If you are an American, weighing 10k oz on average, cuz you can’t bend that way. Sorry.

  7. I shall from now on stop watching joe Caine shorts as they are classified as youtube shorts as per our agreement I will see you in the next life 😢

  8. the home depot gold sand video was literally the last video that played, not only that but I thought to myself "this could be shortened a lot"

  9. If chocolate milk takes more than an hour to digest in your stomach, I think you’re the problem, not the milk. 😂😂

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