'Spike' in divorce since start of COVID-19 lockdown, says lawyer

'Spike' in divorce since start of COVID-19 lockdown, says lawyer

Russell Alexander, a divorce lawyer in Lindsay, Ont., says his firm has hired five new people to deal with the increase in caseload since the pandemic began. He says isolation and anxiety is putting new strains on marriages.  

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  1. “Every divorce whether CoViD was a result of it or not, will be counted as a CoViD divorce” -Toronto Public Health

  2. Actually, since the "women’s liberation movement" divorce is the norm instead of the exception.

  3. Living in Relationships without income is not easy when no food on table and Rent is not paid there will be argument and fights for sure

  4. we all needs to be patient , bad time come and will go it is not for ever. instead of divorce try to fix it from both side.

  5. These divorces are probably a saving grace for kids with parents that didnt want to stay together but needed a push like covid to realize it. For better or worse, no matter what. That’s family. Don’t have kids and don’t get married until your ready to make that commitment.

  6. Don’t blame the pandemic for a lack of conversation and understanding in relationships.

  7. If People are getting divorced they probably would anyway or where ready too covid just sped it up

  8. Geez spouses retiring. We’re talking about grannies and grandpas here. Probably boomers sitting on a pile of cash(their estate) and are fighting to get the bigger piece.

  9. A drop in the birth rate and a spike in the divorce rate of families with children. None of this is good for the health of the country.

  10. Those who had to divorced are extremely insincere in that they couldn’t keep their marital vows and also showed extreme stupidity and idiocy to have married their bad spouses in the first place.

  11. The only people that are truly happy during the Pandemic are the single people.

    Beyoncé: all the singles ladies 🎶🎶

  12. Why do people even marry spending so much money only to divorce in 1-2 years spending more money!

  13. The monogamy myth gets more exposed during times of crisis. Focus on yourself and not the futility of expensive intimate relationships with others. You’ll be happier in the long run.

  14. Well, it is definitely challenging to handle the travel restrictions. Once a year to take your spouse for a vacation is a must! Seating at home and looking at each other is definitely difficult.

  15. Honestly
    I couldn’t give a noncey uncle about who’s getting divorced to who
    If Jimmy wants to divorce Tina then let them do that

  16. On the bright side, cat adoptions should skyrocket in a few years helping to reduce the unwanted population

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