Spousal Maintenance in Washington State

Spousal Maintenance in Washington State

Washington State Spousal Support

Learn everything you need to know about Spousal Support, formerly known as Alimony

Spousal Support (also known as spousal maintenance or alimony) is money paid by the higher wage earning spouse to the lower wage earning spouse. For many Washington men, this means paying their wives monthly alimony during and after the divorce.

Unlike Child Support, spousal support is not calculated by a fixed formula. In some instances, it is not ordered, such as cases where both spouses have comparable employment and income. However, spousal support can be, and often is, ordered when one spouse has not been employed or trained for employment. It’s particularly true when there is a long-term marriage or if there are young children in the marriage. Spousal support can be short- or long-term. The amount is calculated on factors such as income and length of marriage.

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  1. "…to enable the Dependent Spouse to become self-sufficient."
    When you make an offer for maintenance, my suggestion would be a step-down decrease annually that way the Dependent Spouse is weened off the support instead of cut-off from it all at once. If you are having support taken out of your paycheck, this can be easily done by the folks at DCS.
    Year 1 – 100% of the agreed monthly amount
    Year 2 – 75%
    Year 3 – 50%
    Year 4 – 25%

    Year 1 – 100%
    Year 2 – 60%
    Year 3 – 30%

    Year 1 – 100%
    Year 2 – 50%

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