Starting over after divorce with no money

Starting over after divorce with no money

So how can you fast track your financial recovery if you’re starting over after divorce? What options do you have? Probably more than you think! I hope this video broadens your thinking and helps you think outside the square!
Are you going through a setback right now?

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This is for anyone who is looking to overcome a setback and rebuild your life.
👋 About this channel : Hi, my name is Mark Waite the creator of Mark My Words and the 10 Breakthrough Steps. In 2008 life dealt me a hand of cards that shook me to the core…in every area. A catastrophic business and financial collapse, marriage breakdown and health issues….all happening within days of each other. The good news is that over the years since I have completely recovered and I am in better shape now than ever before. I’d like to share with you the steps I took to regain my family, my health, my wealth and most importantly my confidence. You no longer need to struggle with setbacks. Your best stays are ahead!


Remember you can completely change your life at any time, you just need to start.
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  1. I lost everything in 2008 still struggling 13 years later. All of a sudden, I’m 60. And Stuck.

  2. I was married for 25 years started a business with my X husband. When I meet my X husband he had nothing 3 children 2 twins boys 1 girl. I had no children and no debt! I was working full time and finishing my degree from Indiana University. My x and I worked hard to grow a successful business and I find myself 25 years later all 3 children working in our business expecting to be partners in our business. They felt they deserved this because they grew up in a divorce family. I never denied the children or their mother anything they needed school food clothing home and college education paid for 100%.
    I found myself at 50 and the 3 stepchildren I loved as my own child splitting up my marriage. My x husband in the middle his 3 children on one side in the business and then me on the other side his wife. It was pulling our marriage apart.
    I then find out my a husband was having an affair with another woman for 3 years! She called me personally and told me because he decided to stop their relationship; she wanted to hurt my marriage.
    I find my self all alone who could I go to for help and advice. I seek out an attorney and retain him for advice. I did not want a divorce I believe in Marriage and never give up.
    Well the advice my attorney told me to hoard as much money and hide it. I had no way of doing this and felt t would be harmful while I’m rebuilding my marriage and trust issues.
    All was good for about a year and half and then the shit hit the fan!
    I found my X husband with a young lady who was a friend of both of us we boated with. I woke up on our boat at 4am and found my X husband was not in bed.
    I found him out on the dock with the 32 year old girlfriend so called friend with a blanket over them making out.

    Well that was it and next thing I know I’m in a divorce all alone no children no longer able to go and work at our business and lost. My so called attorney was a joke he screwed me over and at the time I was so in shock my head was spinning.
    Needlessly to say I lost everything the business was worth 6 million and I ended up with around $500,000. and he had 5 years to pay this to me in installments.
    I thought I will be ok and make a new life. I found out after 5 years trying to make the money I use to have to live on was never going to happen.
    Then COVID 19 happens now I’m broke have $50 dollars to my name. Find myself trapped in a relationship that I can’t get out because he helps me out with money. It’s toxic and can’t find a way out.
    I have never felt so trapped like an animal 🦔 in a cage no hope no dreams. Now I know how an Ape feels at a zoo! Locked up and no hope they will die there.
    I started a business of my own consulting new business and how to be successful as a gig worker. I realized I would never make the money I needed working for someone else. I had already had a successful business. I was naive to think I could do this all on my own.
    Bottom line my life sucks and now I’m turning 60 in 2021 and see no pathways to lead me to independent person allowing me freedom to have a home 🏡 of my own pay my own bills and have the freedom to choose.
    I was never one to give up it I find myself thinking maybe it would be easier if I would just die. I then hate myself for feeling this way because I was raised as a catholic life is precious.
    I’m lost and fluttering out here not sure how much pain I can take.
    I appreciate your YouTube site!
    If only I could have found some kind of support like this life might have been different.
    You’re making a difference in helping others with knowledge,!
    Thank you and god bless 🙏

  3. I worked in the US as an educator for 20 years. I have no kids or wife and no debt; however, I have only saved around 200K. I’m so burned out and NEED a change. It feels like I’ll screw up my future if I leave now and take some time off to travel. I also badly need another career. Any advice?

  4. Mark thank you.
    I’ve joined the facebook private group and once I get some money I’m hopefully going to be in a position to do your course/tutorials.
    I found this helpful today to keep me going through the day.

  5. The speaker was describing "lifestyle" businesses that are one-person operations solely reliant upon their skills or abilities as opposed to business entities that are separate from you and/or scalable.

  6. these are the only type of men that look my way. only when they hit rock bottom and see that the beautiful women stole everything from them

  7. Mark! Hiw did I happen upon your channel tonight right when I absolutely most needed reassurance💫. Think you’re going to be the light at the end of this tunnel I’ve been stuck in for too long. Thanks.

  8. Your rockstar broo I appreciate your videos I’m going through dirvoce and I lost everything I found your videos so helpful! Your very brain man Sir!

  9. Here’s my question. Divorced at 44…lost everything. $5,000 to my name with no other assets. Grade 9 education. Can’t afford an apartment in Toronto. I work full time and take home 1,000 bi weekly. Where do I go from here? No debt but I do lease a car for $300 a month. I will need to find my own place within a year. Any advice?

  10. You spent the first 5:07 of the video in a redundant intro. Got to the point already… 👍

  11. most business fail within the first year. Yes, it’s potentially great, but be careful not to dig yourself into a giant hole

  12. Thank you.. working on it!! Will watch all you have released.. and will proceed as you recommend.. and will be better than before💪🙂🙃🙂

  13. Thanks for sharing! I really need to get support with my business. I need to fast track my recovery.

  14. From having 4 houses 4 jobs divorce took everything to nothing going bankrupt to now living a good life so it can be done, I don’t own a house only rent but my quality of life is good, you need a different mind set.
    Well said Mark. You do not need wealth to be happy.

  15. Mark I got a divorce January of this year. Your encouragement and advice uplifted me from feeling depressed and stuck. I started working on changing my habits and am making some progress. Thank you.

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