Stay at Home Mom (and Dad!) Divorce Advice

Stay at Home Mom (and Dad!) Divorce Advice



Is there any position more disadvantageous in divorce than that of a stay-at-home parent? Away from the workforce for a period, many women lack access to their own income to support a newly single status with kids in tow. The disadvantage is quickly apparent as the divorce process begins, so it is of critical importance to get organized as quickly as possible. The faster you can get your affairs in order, the more secure your financial future could look.

With an overwhelming volume of tasks that need to be completed, where should you start as a stay-at-home parent? You will want to consider these six steps before you do anything else regarding your pending divorce.


  1. I’m separated after 26 years… As a stay at home mom I have no access to any money or accounts… I do absolutely NOTHING !!! Met when I was 16 n he 27 … It’s been over 26 years . He does what ever he wants and i sit here alone and can’t do it anymore !!!! HELP PLEASE

  2. that’s me all over 😢😢😢 thanks for sharing. Please help.. can this be applied to the UK law?

  3. Where can I give you a donation?
    My husband is crushing me. We lived together for 2 years and then married for 8 years 7 months ath the time of I filed for divorce. One 8 yrs old kid. He is suddenly started taking the son with him around 50%of the time. We’re still in the process i stayed in the house.kid is autistic. He reponded asking to terminate the spousal support and joint custody. I have nothing. No carrer im 42 and an immigrant.

  4. This video is so fucking terrible. He has that annoying nasal voice. And then he needs 20 minutes to essentially say 3 things: get 10 years of tax returns, get an individual bank account and use a claim of domestic violence to your benefit. This guy is the devil for men.

  5. 👍 Yes. Great presentation. Thank you for posting Shawn. I’m the out-spouse. Not working past 5 years due to cancer. The cancer is not curable and I’m now 60. My complication is that I’m older (he’s only 47) and my spouse a CPA with own firm (he’s 50% partner) knows every trick in the book, refuses to open his books. My atty now asking court to send a court appointed Forensic CPA to go to his company, as the Forensic CPA firm I personally hired he manipulated and only released a few select documents to. My personal belief is that he may have Psychopathy. He is most DEFINITELY Narcissistic with psychopathic traits, at a minimum. He has zero empathy and has mocked me, lived a secret double life. He’s very smooth and polished, fools everyone. I’m not a shrink, and usually very trusting, so he fooled me for years (married in misery to him for 20 awful years) but the more I research and read the more I’m becoming convinced he has a Spectrum B disorder. 100% sure.

  6. I could really need. I have a run away Husband after 30 Year . He said my Breast wasn’t big enough. It took 30 Years

  7. Our home is in both of our names and completely paid for. We paid for it in cash with money from his inheritance that he had put in an account with my name on it and him listed as the beneficiary. I supported him for a long time before that inheritance came through but now after being home for 5 years with our son, he took control of the money and I have no access to any of it… not even to hire an attorney. He says he will give me 10%. I don’t see where I have a choice. I can’t go to work right now because I have nobody to watch my son. This is the scariest thing I have ever been through. It’s like suddenly my contribution means nothing and according to him, I haven’t been caring for a house and out child for 5 years, I am lazy and I have been sitting on my ass doing nothing. The pain and injustice is nauseating.

  8. I did all of that, my attorney didn’t do her job and I got screwed. I was SAHM for 20 of the 21 year marriage and became disabled during that time. Ex lied in court and hid an asset (real estate). I have been told that there is nothing that I can do. My attorney told me to not mention the spousal abuse, saying that it is over used and the Judges don’t want to hear about it. I have gotten screwed every time I have been in court.

  9. Great advice ….. it does not apply to courrupt courtroom with a saddistic judge such as SIN city.

  10. I am in the dark , because he lives in the U.S.A , i live in Mexico , I just hear this and he is so sneaky , long distance relationship, 21 years since we meet , we have a 13 y/o boy …. and he doesn’t even call him !!! Or me , we got married 2 years ago but we broke up …. cheated and catch him …. now is like he wants me to beg for money and I got nothing to start , I am a stay at home mom , raising 2 kids …. he never pay any attention to me whatsoever or his son , …. and well long story , what do I do ?

  11. Is there anything I can do after the divorce has been finalized? I wish I would have known this. I am now in a horrible position while he continues to live the high life. It a horrifying position to be in.

  12. Any advice for someone like myself thats been w/father of my children for 10yrs but have nothing under my name nor jointed bank accounts. That also deals with financial threats

  13. Very odd that even when a spouse chooses to put themselves in an impoverished situation the other spouse can be controlled financially.

  14. It requires a mindset change. When you start digging and do your homework, you gain power. If he’s a cheater, take him to the cleaners. Hire a private detective if needed. Save the crying for when its all over.

  15. Thank you, I am so exhausted. I’ll be going to court for the first time for some reason without a mediation and straight to as merits. I think I need to file a motion? I wish I came across your channel sooner.

  16. Thank you so much for this information. 🙏🙏🙏. I’m not taking revenge or anything I just want fair justice and my rights for what I deserved

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  18. Thank you for advocating for us! This fool got me twisted, telling me that I dont get paid for being a Mother, that’s his money cause he’s the one "working". Ok….we’ll see…..

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