Stay-at-Home Mom Wants More Help from Her Working Husband

Stay-at-Home Mom Wants More Help from Her Working Husband

Is it okay for a stay-at-home parent to request help from their working mate? Plus, from Alicia Keys to Michelle Obama, we reveal our best friends in our heads.

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  1. These conversations need to be had.. but they all are right…a stay at home parent should get help.. she is not getting paid and is still doing a job regardless of a pay check and she still needs help.. i did that for someone i dated.. i love helping and hope they feel the same as well.. we definitely got to be there for one another.. and garcelle had me weakkk on the alicia keys comment i felt that 😂😂😂

  2. I’m a stay at home mom to a newly turned 3 year old. I’ve haven’t been without a job since 16 (32 now) so the transition of not getting a check with my name on it was hard. My husband and I made the mutual decision for me to stay mom with are daughter until she started school. I’m blown away by some of these comments treating mothers as if caring for children is their sole responsibility. My husband is at work and I’m in charge of the household. When he comes home… we are a team. This a family. You including your spouse… don’t get to turn off being parents. I’m baffled at the idea of even asking for “help” to raise OUR child. My situation must be different because my husband loves being a dad. When he comes home he can’t wait to spend time with his girl. We alternate bedtime and baths and the weekends we alternate sleeping in or having personal time. Communication. Compromise. Compassion.

  3. Listen I understand her but I’m the mom that works cook clean etc I need breaks too and my husband does 12 hours too but only 3 days a week but most time I just be wanting to sleep like that’s what I mean when I say break go to bed for the day man it’s hard

  4. I am a stay at home mom but i work saturdays and sunday just the other day i felt burnt out and dizzy but when i say am tired its like you home all day but i cook clean do laundry help with homework and just about everything

  5. So if had a choice to stay home and take care of one kid and a dog or go work outside deal with traffic horrible weather plus when the mom gets home from working all day and I can take a break. Sure I’ll take that when she gets home she can make dinner clean up the house do projects for me and do yard work only to do it all over again wait that’s what I do!!

  6. Having an online friend who you have never met and having a best friend in your head are two different scenarios. Anyway, if I could be best friends with someone, I would choose Zendaya or Keke Palmer.

  7. I’m almost embarrassed to admit, when I was younger. I totally felt, that if the person/parent that is out working. Then the one at home, for sure needs to pick up the slack at home, solely.

    But as I got older, I realized how messed up that is. Because, th person working, still very much lives in and thrives from that same household. So of course they should be helping with the kids and chores. If anything, find ways they can stay in tuned, with what is going on IN the household. Before they find themselves, without one altogether.

  8. You ladies are my best friends in my head i love adrienne sexyness and jeanies free spirit and loni’s devotion and garcelle beauty and humbleness

  9. I really wonder who is cooking and cleaning in this scenario. Anyway, the hosts are right. They need to make a new arrangement.

  10. I fill this to the point of even if I get a few minutes of me time iam still doing things to deal with family stuff not to much just me time to do nothing but me …

  11. She needs adult contacts. Like sisters, cousins, friends etc. that’s why she struggles. besides that they need to find their love again.

  12. What if the husband wants a break from paying the bills? The wife doesn’t cook or clean but needs a break, please!

  13. Some men just don’t care they don’t help at all specially now day. My dad use to have two jobs and still put all time
    For us and we was 4 girl he always helped my mother that’s why all
    Of us four love him so much.

  14. I don’t know this may sound weird but if I had an imaginary friend I would wanna say Garcelle but it’s wired because she’s way too grown and older for me😊 Since I’m just a teenager in my late teens. 😅 However not gonna lie there’s times that we do be agreeing and feel like we have that same mindset & views some on some of the topics on this show. Which is normal in general cause I seem to have a very mature mindset of thinking at my age, which is crazy.😄 I feel like there’s times when she speaks for the genuine public and it seems like she be speaking to me at times. I’m like uh ok Garcelle. I felt that it received that lmaoo😊 but yeah if only that was possible lol that’s too bad!🥴😕🤔

  15. now I’m a mom of 2…when the kids nap then get your chores done..then have your keys and purse and when he walks in..say I’ll be back…and sit in the Walmart parking lot😂

  16. The thing these woman don’t get is the moms do ask their husbands for help and they don’t get help. They ask help for years and the only response They play video games , watch porn and anime.

  17. Adrienne, if she’s the kind of mom that doesn’t let her kids watch any cartoons – she most likely doesn’t even have a second to wash the dishes or do any kind of chores

  18. Life doesn’t stop just because you have a job. They both chose to have children together and caring for them should be a group effort. Being a stay home mom is mentally emotionally taxing I’m sure. It would be nice to have her husband come home and give her an hr or so to unwind and have time to herself. It’s sad she even feels guilty about asking him.

  19. I have always had the more flexible job so even though I’ve never stopped working since I had my son I’ve always been the primary caregiver. I used to daydream about just stop trying to juggle it all and be a full time stay at home mom. Then I got a taste of it being at home full time and homeschooling during the pandemic and nah, that is not my calling. Children are a lot of energy. The only way I can do any cooking and cleaning at all is if I stick him in front of the TV or let him just ruin the place with the toy mess if I leave him to play on his own. And it only takes a second for a toddler or young child to swallow something crazy or bust their head open while you try to multitask. This is work that you are not automatically great at because you gave birth. I love my work I actually trained and got my degrees to do. I am a better mom with a few hours away from my kid each day. Respect stay at home parenting as a job. On a regular job you shouldnt someone to work ten hours straight with no breaks and do something as time and skill and labor intensive as entertaining and educating and caring for the physical needs of children while also cleaning and cooking. I don’t think the mom was saying she was refusing to do those other things but that she was so burnt out and overwhelmed she couldn’t get to it all.

  20. I almost feel like the mom is saying, I don’t have time to do anything else but deal with the baby. Maybe I’m wrong but I understand if that’s what she’s saying

  21. You guys( including Tam and Jeannie) my big sisters in my head..we go through our ups and downs and I get offended if people come y’all on different platforms, I’m like get to know someone before you speak ill of them..I mean only families relate that love from Liberia 🇱🇷 ladies

  22. Adrienne mentioning Rochelle I almost died! Hey from the UK, the channel we’re commenting from Rochelle was actually a part of the band when she was younger

  23. Unfortunately, depending on the culture either the spouses are helpful or completely unhelpful. To be honest, my husband is a completely hands off and it’s very upsetting to me. I hve begged and pleaded for help with our 3 kids, but it’s veryyyyyy rare and far between. To be honest, it has really worn our relationship down.

  24. This is where I’m gonna have to speak up lol I was a stay at home mom for 4 1/2 years I cooked cleaned did everything while my now ex husband only worried about making money and paying bills anytime I’d ask for help he would literally say “you’re home all day that’s your break” so twice a month on his days off I’d leave in the early morning hours him with out two kids turned off my phone leave a note saying enjoy your day off because it’s my turn for a break he would cry at the end of the weekend from the exhaustion of how I run the household so I personally feel like until you’ve been a stay at home mom you’ll never know how hard it is truly

  25. Stay at home mom/dad: Chef, Housekeeper, Doctor/Nurse, Teacher, Referee, Judge/Lawyer/Jury, Police etc. etc. We all tiiiirrreedd.

  26. Yo usually I appreciate the insight and maturity but I’m low key offended if you think taking care of your own child, even if you for some reason don’t do other chores, is just playing.

    Who is feeding, bathing, clothing, changing, getting to sleep (repeat all the above multiple times a day) teaching emotional regulation, hygiene and healthy habits, loving on, modeling healthy interaction, protecting, making happy memories even when its tough, life skills.. emergent literacy.. etc etc etc . For real, I could go on and on what a primary caregiver does.

    It’s damn hard work and you’ve never been a mama if you think otherwise. Sometimes you literally don’t get a chance to use the bathroom. Most of us don’t have hired help or an ideal support system.

  27. Ma’am if u want a refund on ur kid n the life u chose becuz ur miserable just say that. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this whole thread is an ad for regret. Ya’ll trying to warn the rest of us and thank u!! I hear u loud and clear. I like my freedom. No thanks😊 . I’ll get a gold fish.

  28. What happens when the woman gets tired of asking nicely and still gets no help so she just stops getting stuff done?

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