1. When my wife was deployed to Afghanistan for 7 months, I was a single Dad to an elementary school boy. Toughest time of my life. I loved snow days – lots of kids invited over and I just had to feed and water them.

  2. I was a stay at home dad for a short stint.
    My wife was more stressed than I was at that time.
    So this guy with the nail polish is talking out of his arse.
    Yes being a stay at home perent is a privilege, because in today’s economic climate thanks to socialist policies, most parents both have to work!

  3. Teaching science as I explored basic outdoor activities, throwing a ball then teaching basic physics, biology as we explored ants, worms, wasps, bees and the homes they made, reading house numbers and car license plates so they would recognize them by sight that’s raising a child and so much more! I’m the grandma so as Mom I did so much more😂

  4. I’m not normally the type of person to tell people what to do with their lives..

    Don’t have kids, bro.

  5. i was raised by a single mother yall suck at raising kids and i could make my kids such genius . changing a diper is not hard. cleaning is not hard. try doing construction

  6. I think there’s a study somewhere that compares the stress level to stay at home parents to working parents and the stay at home parents had it higher. Or something to that effect

  7. If it’s so hard, why do all women want take kids after divorce?
    Explain, why would they want to continue their nightmare life instead of going free, working and paying child support?
    Why not?

    You liars.

  8. A real stay at home mom, wakes up to change diapers, prep and cook breakfast, feed baby, find something that child can do while she cleans dishes, the table, the cookware and the floor, sorting dirty clothes, bedsheets, blankets and towels while the young one messes them up, puts them in the laundry so she can let that happen while she gets a snack for her child and gets ready for the day, changes babys poopy diaper and puts him to sleep, then dries the first wash, then tries to find the ingredients for lunch but ends up clearing out whatever stinks in the fridge and cleaning up whatever spilled or defrosted, making a grocery list of what’s missing to get the next day, ends up making sandwiches or noodles or quesadillas or something quick because the little bug woke up so she can throw the trash while the kiddo is busy eating, cleans up all the prepware and baby’s mess on the table, high chair and floor, throws a box of toys in the living room so the baby can be distracted while she puts in a new load, then fluffs and folds the first wash, but ends up taking longer because the baby finds being rolled in the clothes, towels, or blankets a lot more fun. Oh no, baby daddy is coming home soon so dinner needs to be made, floor needs to be cleaned, bed needs to be made, baby needs a bath and diaper changed, one on one baby-mommy time needs to be done, toys need to be put away, and mommy needs to look and smell clean again.

    And again and again everyday.

  9. Your a jerk for demonizing his opinion
    Are you a stay at home man?
    Do you have kids?
    If not you got nothing to say
    Why you got to
    Hate on someone just to try and lift yourself up
    Weak brother

  10. I’m tired of being one. Dealing with two toddlers every single day and house chores and taking care of everybody else 😢. Am exhausted, drained and depressed. This is the hardest job and there is no pay. I’m broke like never before and my husband thinks am enjoying being at home. Oh my God am tired, hope I’ll get a job soon before I go crazy.

  11. lmao yall mad cuz thats his opinion.. grow up if u against dude. u literally dont have to stress financially versus watchin ur kid all day..

  12. you have to raise the kids, make sure they do their things and not clean only after you but after the kids and sometimes your partner. I’m sorry but this is a full time job.

  13. Never gonna listen to a man that wears nail polish. Sorry but your the reason men are becoming so weak.

  14. There are a lot of variables. But my wife takes kid 1 to preschool, feeds n changes kid 2 (if I’m working in person), gives her a bottle, then does nothing until she wakes up. Then, she plays with her, depending on the time, feeds her again and changes her, then a few hours later it’s nap time.. for both of them.

    So i won’t say it’s not a job, but it’s definitely not a full time job, which is probably why she wants 3 more ( no, that’s not a joke or an exaggeration).

    It just depends on the wife, the child, and the house. It’s not the kind of thing you can use absolutes for.

  15. the statement itself is correct tho having the ability to be a stay at home parent is a privilege because most couples simply cannot afford that

  16. Don’t you just love it when people get on social media & talk out their ass. I bet he felt good about himself after posting that video instead of realizing he’s making a laughing stock of himself.

  17. Being a stay at home Dad is a privilege, if you compare to breaking your back at work. Being a stay at home parent, no matter the gender, is also a big responsibility. Raising your children properly is a huge deal, but do not compare it to back breaking labor.

  18. You’ve gotta remember that a manchild will always asdume that other children are as layzy and dumb as he is, do that’d be eady.

    However most children sre a lot more reflective and active, than this one.

  19. Did he read books,do crafts at the table play outside, do laundry, clean floors, BUY and plan dinners, take them on play dates I could go on and on that’s just the beginning.

  20. Yeah, I’m 100% with you on this. Stay at home parents work their asses off, or at least the good ones do. That shit is a full time job that includes not only cleaning, cooking, and looking after yourself, but also looking after the child(ren), which means not just keeping them fed and alive but teaching them, interacting with them, and generally helping them learn to human. The only privileged thing about that is having enough income from just one parent working to actually be able to do it.

  21. I was 16 when my sister was born and I baby sitted A LOT and boy oh boy is so hard 😭😭😭. Although my sister was a lovely baby and toddler it was nerve-wracking at times. It is so draining to give the attention and care children need. If you just watch your children stay on their phones and tablets that’s not parenting, it’s neglect. So yeah it’s easy to neglect your children I guess.

  22. It is a privilege, I mean you get to raise your children, and not worry about expenses? If it is so hard, why not goto work, and pay someone to watch/raise your children?

  23. Stay at home mom is dedication to a child 24/7. No break, no Me time. It’s cook, clean, play, teach, run errands, worry, wake up 10 times a night, no sleeping, bath, more chores, garden, care for farm animals, nurse when sick, and on top making sure husband is cared for and fed too. Oh and lastly care for self. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. Hard work but best thing I believe, for child and family if possible. This man knows nothing .

  24. I like these videos they’re what I like to call… Double cringe. Cringe guy reviews cringe guy. I feel like the neighbor that has a neighbor on each side feuding with each other and ignoring me sitting in the middle.

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