Staying Connected with Your Child After Divorce – Lauren Reitsema

Staying Connected with Your Child After Divorce – Lauren Reitsema

Lauren Reitsema experienced divorce first-hand when her parents separated after almost 20 years of marriage. Drawing from her own experience, Lauren will help parents and stepparents uncover common points of grief and loss for children after divorce. And, she’ll offer helpful advice for building a stronger blended family.

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  1. He said something like β€œ people think it might be easy to be in a step parent situation after divorce.”
    I was a destroyed child by all the bizarre circumstances of a bizarre divorce. Adulthood only clarified all the hurt and I’m still resentful and damaged.

  2. Of course the kids need plenty of support but it’s not to be underestimated for adult children of divorcing parents. I feel like there are sparse resources for the pain I feel.

  3. My daughter is about to be 29 and she’s still not forgiven me for divorcing her father who was unfaithful to me for many years. She’s about to have my first grandchild and she still is distant. I need a lot of prayers.

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