Stephen A. & Charles Barkley go TOE-TO-TOE about Lakers, NBA MVP & playoff picks! 🤯 | First Take

Stephen A. & Charles Barkley go TOE-TO-TOE about Lakers, NBA MVP & playoff picks! 🤯 | First Take

On First Take, Stephen A. Smith is joined by Charles Barkley to recap everything around the NBA.
0:00 Lakers’ comeback win over the Mavericks
1:00 Lakers’ season comes down to a healthy Anthony Davis?
2:00 Jason Kidd’s comments about the Mavs
3:00 The Wild Wild West
5:00 Stephen A. gets animated!
6:30 NBA MVP talk
8:00 What does Nikola Jokic need to do?!
9:00 Damian Lillard’s 71-PT night.
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  1. When did Joker get swept last year, or in the first round ever???? Let’s just make up lies to discredit the man. Plus to start with, nobody in NBA history would drag the G-league team he had last year, to the playoffs. And a guy you all raise up to the heavens(Kevin Durant), DID actually get swept inte first round last year, but nobody wants to talk about that since it doesn’t fit your narrative/agenda

  2. LA, the Suns have 5, and 6 all stars players…Denver just 1!
    MVP is a regular season award.
    Last year Denver wasn’t swept…

  3. Props to Chuck for not immediately anointing the Suns as the title favorites right away. Chemistry and depth matter, and like he said we have to see them play with KD first before passing judgement

  4. Anyone else realize Brunson has led the Knicks to a better record in the tougher east than Luka’s Mavs in the west 🤔

  5. I’m not at all worried about the Suns depth. CP3 being the passer he is will make that offense work. Provided they stay healthy they are the comfortably beat team in the West.

  6. If a dude wins 3 mvp’s and doesn’t make the finals it says a lot more about his team and coach than it does him.

    This narrative the media is trying to push is so dumb it’s unbelievable.

  7. None of this matters cause at the end of the day if they’re healthy come playoff time the Suns will be the favorites

  8. Charles talking about how KD and Bron started it with moving to win a chip as if he didnt do the same thing himself when he played smh

  9. DID YOU SEE THE KINGS!? DID YOU SEE THE KINGS JUST SCORE 176 to beat the Clippers!? In Double Overtime! Are you serious Stephen A!? The Lakers would get stomped if they played the Kings. END STORY! The Kings highest rated offense in NBA History! Lakers can’t stop playing them.

  10. I’ll never understand why the media is always so high on the Clippers and the Nuggets stink it up every year in the playoffs.

  11. Chuck y’all see these comments real quick, KD wins a ring this season with the suns and wins another Finals MVP would he still be a buss rider? Or driver just curious I’m dead serious

  12. 0 out of 138 teams could not come back from the 27 point deficit, so the Lakers are better then all those 138 teams, that’s actually a big deal, defense wins championship

  13. grizzlies will be there so will the bucks both teams dont get the respect they deserve . they have something to prove

  14. Why is Chuck on ESPN don’t he work enough already? If I was a member of the crew I would be looking at Chuck sideways lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  15. I love chuck but he is the definition of a person who’s only on tv because he’s entertaining and a former player. All his takes lack nuance

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