Stephen A. DEBATES 'Mad Dog' Perkins over Suns vs. Nuggets Game 1 😂 | First Take

Stephen A. DEBATES 'Mad Dog' Perkins over Suns vs. Nuggets Game 1 😂 | First Take

On First Take, Stephen A. Smith, Kendrick Perkins and Monica McNutt talk through the Phoenix Suns’ blowout loss to the Denver Nuggets in Game 1.
0:00 A bad game or bad sign for the Suns?
1:20 The lack of the Suns
2:50 Stephen A.’s worry radar for the Suns
7:30 McNutt doesn’t think the Nuggets can play any better than Game 1
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  1. The game is 10 pm eastern because they want the kids in bed when the violence happens again.

  2. Remember them sleeping on Harden last year 🤷🏾‍♂️ hate to say I told you so

  3. the nuggs are overrated team with overrated media mvp. only a fixed rate win if they do win. next

  4. stephen a said kd best teammate he ever played with is dbook lmao what a fool its stephen curry nd its not close how can u say that🤣🤦🏾 steph the first unanimous mvp

  5. Perkins continues to have bad take after bad take. Granted, I am commenting after game 2. Look, KD and Booker both played 44 minutes and had 24 and 35. The Suns gutted their bench to get KD. For them to beat the Nuggets, they pretty much have to have stellar games from KD, Booker and Paul or Ayton, or even all 4. I’m sure they’ll get at least 1 game and possibly a 2nd, but there’s no way this goes beyond 6 games. Boards were pretty even, turnovers were low. I only saw the box score and it’s obvious from the free throws that the Nuggets just dominated the paint and the Suns didn’t even try (21 FT’s Nuggets vs 5 for the Suns). Not going to win without shooting lights out, and they’re not the Warriors.


  7. Walrus and Stephanie A. Snitch Two of the biggest morons in sports "news and analytics" talking here. Snitch Paul and Devon Choker are doing nothing this series. Lol

  8. I think the only way to destroy a good Nuggets team is to have a good 1-2 punch with big man and perimeter scorer so they cant hide Jokic in defense. He cant guard all star players, even if he isnt as bad of a defender as medias make us think, same for MPJ. Their offense is so good and so balanced that you’re obliged to beat them at the other end by pressing on they weaknesses. Like the Lakers did in the bubble with Bron and AD.

  9. Nuggets in 5. Don’t argue. Come back here and acknowledge my prediction at the end of the week.

  10. LOL "Mad Dog Perkin" This guy sucks on his hot takes. Here right after the Nuggets game 2 win "F-U "Big Perk"

  11. Perkins “Suns in 6” is aging well lol…. Please get this man off ESPN… his tales are terrible, he said wasn’t a top center when he played, but talks like he was the man when he played….

  12. Bro when SAS got on monica at da beginning 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. Wasnt a bad game it was a bad sign they couldnt win with MPj and Murray playing terrible…perkins your a moron

  14. "I don’t think Denver can play better. I don’t know if they can maintain that level of play"

    Jokic had a terrible shooting night and still got 29, didn’t get many assist but still drew tons of attention allowing for his teammates to get assist and score easier. Plus MPJ didn’t really get going until the 3rd quarter.
    This was not even Denver’s top form, they can easily be a team that can score 140pts.

  15. The suns really proved Kendrick right about what Stephen A was going to say about PHX having a lack of depth. Their bench only had 4 points lol

  16. If we win it all ,Jamal Murray is mj type of disrespect,jokic is everything Perkins is wanted to be period

  17. Can we STOP it with KD being considered one of the best players in the league? He is top 15, low top 10. He doesnt defend well, rebound well injury proned and cant score on double teams, and doesnt play well thru contact.
    He left young Russ, Harden Perk and Ibaka to go play with Steph…
    Then left to play with James and Kyrie. Now Chris Paul, Ayton AND D-Book. And about to go down 2-0 against Denver….
    Hes just an extremely Unique Skill set/ Height but Id take TMac over him ANYDAY!!!!

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