Stephen A. isn't giving the 76ers a chance to win the title this season 🤷‍♂️ | First Take

Stephen A. isn't giving the 76ers a chance to win the title this season 🤷‍♂️ | First Take

Stephen A. isn’t giving the 76ers a chance to win the title this season 🤷‍♂️ | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Kendrick Perkins and Brian Windhorst react to the Philadelphia 76ers winning Game 4 in overtime against the Boston Celtics.

0:00 Reacting to the 76ers’ Game 4 win
3:20 Stephen A.’s thoughts on Joe Mazzulla
7:00 Stephen A. does not believe the 76ers can win the title this season

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  1. Stephen A would make a great defense lawyer for a client who cant stop commiting misdemeanors.

  2. Ughhh. Ime udoka did not take the celtics to the finals. A trade at the deadline brought the celtics to the finals. Wow. Its so obvious. They sucked before that trade.

  3. 3:17-25…PERKS FACE after getting shut down w/out screaming or
    Loud talking….😢😂😂😂😂😂
    Boy was looking for help BAD! 😅😅😅😅😅😅

  4. mazzulla has made multiple errors with time management/late game strategy in these playoffs so far.

  5. Perk is right. Forget what the players did late. Not good, but come on. That’s the time to coach! Leaving two timeouts on the table in that circumstance is batsh*t.

  6. The celtics dont have a big to guard Embid ! Tatum and Brown are playing their hearts out dnt bash these guys bash the front office for not preparing the roster knowing you would run into Embid or Giannis in the playoffs

  7. If smart had taken that push from embiid the game would’ve been stopped an ambulance would’ve been called and he’d be intubated right there and there and called a flagrant 3 foul.

  8. Nahh idc Joe was fine with this. We lost this game cuz of Tatum you can’t keep waiting till the 5th quarter to show up. Set the tone early jb and jt should be playing more in tandem

  9. the center dominant teams like 76ers and nuggs wont end well without a real ball handler that can score. harden is proving it and the nuggs has more players that can score.


  11. Steven A.Smith should stop using old fashioned racist terms like "THE LIGHT SKIN MOMBA" when he refers to Devin Booker or referring to Perkins as "The dark Shadow" or whatever term he used when he said that Kendrick Perkins needed to get some light because it was so dark that he couldn’t be seen.If White commentators referred to black athletes as light skin or dark skin it would not be accepted! When Steven A. have Wendy on as a guest he talks about athletes being fat and overweight WITH NO REGARDS TO THE FACT THAT WENDY IS OVERWEIGHT. I understand that Steven A is popular for his verbal antics of criticizing how poorly dressed some of his guest are but too often he goes disrespectfully overboard!🙃🙃

  12. So what she is saying at the end is I can spam that exact move forever to create space and she would NEVER call an offensive foul on me, or is she just biased towards tatum?

  13. Should have left out that last 15 seconds lol, what she talking about. Clear foul, Tatum doesn’t create space to hit that shot without shoving Maxey. Refs baby the celtics. Embiid should have gotten the blocking foul on smart too

  14. Well if boston dont win this year, brown will leave.. they are leaving him out of the offence

  15. I can’t be the only person thinking the similarities between how Jaylen brown leaving Harden open is similar to him leaving OG open on the bubble buzzer beater.

  16. You shouldn’t have to explain situational basketball to a coach who’s making millions of dollars.

  17. Agree, it was mazullas fault the team did not get a proper play for the end of overtime. He needs to learn from this and the next time this happens, and it will , he better use the time outs he has available. Championship windows don’t last forever and this year cannot be wasted especially with Milwaukee out.

  18. Who is the Black Female Goddess of an anchor on this show? I have been ready to propose and bring her home…Send help fellas.

  19. Love how they call out tatum yet if you paid attention prior embiid was flopping for an offensive call and james harden was doing the exact same push off that everyones calling tatum out for. Im glad they didnt call it cus harden was doing the same. Plus embiids exagerated flop call on offensive where nobody touched him gave him 2 shots. No problem with not calling tatums push. Let em play. If harden can do it and embiid can ballerina dive after a mosquito brushes him them then theres no problem with 1 push off from tatum

  20. Joe Mazzulla doing a perfect job with the celtics. there is no time out in philly. he said to him self. this needs to be nip in the bud now. because if joe had taking that time out that woulda gave the sixers enough time to comeback. that game was one for the books. harden put up some fantasy points that night. it will be all over with for the sixers in 6.💯

  21. If smart had made that shot yall will not be saying this…. the players messed up THATS IT! only thing I can fault him is waiting for the last shot

  22. It’s over for the Cs every game counts and JB choosing to double team embiid on a 2pter when your up 2 already instead of protecting the 3 ball (which Tatum said they all agreeed on no 3s) is insane to me. Embiid scores it’s tied an you have a chance to win or go overtime again… with that being said it’s finished you can’t afford to blow games vs a team like this it counts… if he doesn’t double we wouldn’t even be talking about the timeouts

  23. Wendy mad right now you can tell by the way he’s blinking 1000x and 1 min😂😂😂

  24. If there was half second more on the clock we wouldn’t be hearing this at all. Give the Celtics credit they came back and had a chance to win. Still have home court advantage.

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