Strange Things About Joel Osteen's Marriage

Strange Things About Joel Osteen's Marriage

These days, televangelists may be more associated with scandals than they are with actually evangelizing on television, but so far, Joel Osteen has managed to avoid any career-ending personal drama. Osteen and his wife Victoria Osteen are co-pastors at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, and through more than three decades of marriage, they’ve grown their ministry to include successful book sales and a satellite radio channel.

The Osteens’ marriage seems to be quite a happy one (not counting those unfounded divorce rumors from a few years ago), but many people have noted some quirks nevertheless. Let’s take a look at some strange things about Joel and Victoria Osteen’s marriage.

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Conspicuous faithfulness to Victoria | 0:00
Making wives pretty for husbands | 1:22
Ministry wasn’t the original plan | 1:59
The Osteen’s boomerang kid | 3:04
Victoria still “crazy” about Joel | 4:01
The alleged flight attendant attack | 4:52
Joel and Victoria: best-selling authors | 6:11
Constant support, even in controversy | 7:15
Super famous friends | 8:22
The couple learned to compromise | 9:14
Opposing marriage equality | 10:12

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  1. Its easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle, than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

  2. The problem with this commentary is that NONE of the people featured in the video are Christians. They are, however, FREEMASONS and EASTERN STARS (female masons) posing as Christians. Similarly, the alleged Christian rock groups are also members of freemasonry. Don’t believe me? Look at their album covers and you will see masonic symbols everywhere – provided you know what are masonic symbols.

  3. My husband and I were high school sweethearts. We got married. We have been together until he he was called home. 33 years. I miss my hunny.😔😔. When you marry. You marry everything.

  4. I’m surprised when I hear people say that we shouldn’t judge preachers. “That’s not loving” or “The Bible says not to judge” are often responses.

    My gut reaction is, “Have you ever read the New Testament?”

    The New Testament is FILLED with warnings to beware of false teachers who come as wolves in sheep’s clothing (Matthew 7:15Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)) disguised as servants of righteousness (2 Corinthians 11:13–15Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)) and lead many away from the truth (Matthew 24:24Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)). Our call as Christians is to follow the example of the Bereans in Acts 17 and search the Scriptures to see if what we hear aligns with God’s Holy Word.

  5. I’m still waiting to hear something strange. This should be titled the wise things about JO. This flight attendant that tried to sue the Olsteins for ten percent is why J O likes to have another person present when dealing with the opposite sex. Victory has said and did some strange things but that doesn’t have any direct bearings to his sayings.

  6. The strangest thing is his father John Olsteen is probably wondering where did I go wrong. Olsteen. who knows how it was changed to eliminate the L

  7. Sounds like a man who doesn’t trust himself. I could see how a liar and a crook would have a hard time with that.

  8. So ridiculous saying women need lingerie and can’t wear bathroom. Do you have money to give this women and pay their stuff?? Also why so materialistic….that’s so hypocritical from being Christian….smh

  9. Something not very Christian about these two that are considered ordained ministers of faith !!! Question that I have, is what kind of faith are they representing ???????

  10. I’m sure some of the laughter in the house has something to do with their bank account. Don’t make money out of Jesus. Full stop.

  11. I don’t hear this couple teach about salvation in the name of JESUS CHRIST. In John 3:1-5, Jesus Christ told Nicodemus to be born again to go to heaven. Jesus Christ said to repent of sin, be baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, which is JESUS CHRIST. He also said to be filled with the Holy Ghost. Nothing matters than salvation in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

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