Successful Co-parenting After Divorce: Julie Hanks LCSW on KSL TV's Studio 5

Successful Co-parenting After Divorce: Julie Hanks LCSW on KSL TV's Studio 5

Cooperation and communication between divorced parents are crucial to a child’s well-being. It’s often difficult for ex-spouses to transition from intimate partners to “business partners”. You are both in the business of successfully raising your child or children together. Read more


  1. Thats all great but what if only one side wants to be civil and communicate and go on family wizard and the other side refuses. Therapists say “we are causing conflict” we? I’m the one that is trying but am met with disdain but I am being blamed for causing conflict because there is no communication. I know it’s great when you get along but what do you do when you try but all they want to do is point the finger and blame. He tells the kids it’s my fault too. Don’t assume every scenario is as perfect as yours. This DID NOT HELP!

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  3. My friend’s daughter felt anger and resentment towards her mom for leaving her dad. The mom never told her daughter it was because of his cheating. I feel that the daughter has the right to know why the mom left the dad instead of having no reason at all and resenting her for it. No??

  4. great information as majority of the people get divorce without thinking about the feeling of children.
    This will be a child’s greatest need because their self-concept is very likely in a fragile and formative stage, especially if they are at a young age. They will try to gain approval because their sense of belonging to the family has been shattered. Children also tend to personalize things and blame themselves. If mom and dad are fighting and divorcing, they personalize it. They think, "If we didn’t make so much noise. If we didn’t need shoes…" They need acceptance. They need to know that they are important, that they are a priority. They will try to gain approval because their sense of belonging to the family has been shattered.

  5. 7:03 wow ..she right!! Man I hate my exs so bad…is best for my kids not to find out ..but can they later on? When theh are grown enough lol

  6. "Most marriages don’t break up in a single recognizable moment. Its more like an irreversible fraying of the bonds between two people who are entwined in a thousand small ways."
    The rise of the good divorce by Susanna Schrobsdorff

  7. "A former partner is now an adversary, a competitor for finite resources, someone to avoid"
    "When Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin split after 10 years of marriage, she introduced us to the concept of conscious uncoupling wherein divorcing parents are to be partners in each others spiritual progress, for their sake as well as for the sake of the children"
    The rise of the good divorce

  8. Makes the children seem like a business commodity.

    Most divorced people get in this situation because they are unable to deal in a mature way with others close to them, to think that will change because of a divorce is myopic.

  9. ♥️ Our children, regardless of their age or parent’s relationship status, want just five things: love, acknowledgment, inclusion, joy, & opportunities. Should it really be that hard to get out of our feelings to let them feel like their life matters too? After a separation, nothing tells them they are still important like truly great co-parenting can.

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