1. He should be reprimanded for filing false police report and wasting taxpayers money. He forgot his pink hat

  2. I’ve watched this 5x before reading any comments, just looking for the “incident.” Turns out it’s one person brushing past another in a very crowded corridor? Not sure why that healthy-looking individual has such a bone to pick, maybe his underwear is too tight. rotfl

  3. Wow. And this pansy little candyass is responsible for locking people up in jail and prison! If he were in the country of his own nationality, they would’ve done decapitated him and made castles with the bloody sand. Here he is in the US prosecuting and apparently persecuting people for any little accident and trying to push charges on them. That woman has worked at the courthouse since before his finest traits became a stain in his daddy’s fruit of the looms!

  4. What did he expect when he parked his very important self smack dab in the middle of the hallway? Granted, she should have said “Excuse me,” or “Sorry,” but to accuse her of ASSAULT instead of rudeness is over the top. She barely brushed him. And he lied about having his arm full of papers. Really!? I am glad this video exists to show what REALLY transpired!

  5. The allegations in the police report filed by Kassim do not surprise me. It was clear that he did not know that there was a camera present at the time of the incident. His remarks are that her shoulder almost knocked him to the ground, alone sets a tone that this man is dishonest. What is even more worrisome is that Sherri Bevan Walsh defends the filing for assault stating what a great guy Kassim is. I’ve had dealings with the prosecutors office in the past. Lies and passing along false information is textbook for these people in and out of the courtroom. I’ve been a victim of B.S. prosecutors trying to twist a story to win a case twice, and I’ve come out winning both times because the truth was on my side. Let’s face it, this system in Summit County has some ethics and integrity issues. This man filed a false police report and should be charged with such. Will it happen? No, Bevan Walsh will see to it nothing happens to him.

  6. Does this mean the Prosecutors Office doesn’t deal in FACTS? They must be delusional, he barely got tapped and then to make up a story like he did. Summit County Assistant Prosecutor Kassim Ahmed should be suspended for three days for filing a false report. And suspend another 3 day for stirring up a pile of…. for no reason.

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