Support proceedings during divorce in Pennsylvania

Support proceedings during divorce in Pennsylvania

Support proceedings, whether for a child or a spouse, can often times leave people feeling confused about what just happened.

There are three types of support handled by the Domestic Relations Office: Child support, spousal support, and APL, which is support for a spouse during the litigation process. The number of children a couple has, the net income each parent contributes to the family, and custody situation all contribute to the amount owed for child support.

Spousal support and APL both go to the benefit of the lower earning spouse. They’re both calculated through a formula. Spousal support can be ordered while the couple is separated but no divorce proceedings have been started, while APL applies while the divorce is pending.

It is often useful to consult with an experienced family law attorney to figure out how much you will pay or be owed and to apply proper adjustments. Contact the Family Law lawyers at Wolf, Baldwin & Associates to help you navigate through the nuances of your specific county.

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