Surviving Divorce: David Sbarra at TEDxTucson 2012

Surviving Divorce: David Sbarra at TEDxTucson 2012

David A. Sbarra, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Arizona where he serves as Director of Clinical Training. Dr. Sbarra teaches advanced graduate courses in psychotherapy, he is the author of numerous research papers and book chapters concerning divorce, stress, coping, and both mental and physical health. In addition to his is work as a professor of psychology, Dr. Sbarra maintains a small clinical practice in Tucson.

David’s TEDx talk describes his latest research on divorce and healing in the aftermath of marital separation. Nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce, and David’s research is illuminating new ways to promote recovery after this stressful life event.

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  1. Thanks, Doc. Needed to hear a lot of that, and I feel like I am on the right track. I have my journal next to the laptop. I brood, and I write. Learned that’s a no-no.

  2. I did and still do believe in marriage although i was thru a very bad divorce and BESET with 5 other huge
    tragedys at the SAME time.
    Thru the ashes of a huge outa control fire,it still took a decade to get on track
    Everyones different and grieve/ suppress differently.
    Despite it all its about being with the right person, the communication but i believe the level or complete TRUST is most important.
    Trust and truth go hand in hand,they both build many positive emotions and you never have to remember what you said.
    Hang in there anyone in pain

  3. This is actually a very helpful talk. Thank you. Sleep is critical. I play a lot of sleep music with rain sounds to help me sleep these days. It was so important to admit I wasn’t alone…and that no one prepared me for this. That on its own was self compassion.

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  7. I am going through the divorce now and the things mentioned in the video are easier said than done, especially the advice about the sleep sucks 😀 I guess it also depends on who initiates the divorce, in my case I was the one who was left behind and my soon to be ex is happy and in a new relationship already. I could not sleep well for a couple of weeks until I saw a doctor and got pills few days ago. But I am trying to be more compassionate with myself and stop blaming myself for everything. And just today, I decided to start viewing my divorce as a blessing and told God I trust his actions and plans with me. I believe time will show why certain things happen the way they do…

  8. He is so so correct about sleep!! When i don’t get good sleep, my propensity to go into infinite loops of negative thought is several times higher.

  9. Dear diary,
    My ex was a skank. She got pregnant a month after I left for deployment with a guy who was 60 years old (I was 32 at the time).

    I battled back and retired at 38….I win! MGTOW monk for life!

  10. What you have no one to go to? I went through divorce and had to pull myself together on my own. There was no one and I had to protect my son and be strong for him. I had to navigate alone and deal with a tough job. It had no safety net. This is the reality for so many people too.

    Why all the family courts are against man in every country?
    The agenda for the global government is to weakening the families, so the population can be controlled easily.
    Destroy the father, destroy the family !!!

  12. After five years of marriage I realized that the key to a long lasting marriage is good finance. We’ve been distracted with work and work and no time for each other till I heard of this lady on the radio talking about how saving money saved her marriage. She mentioned a financial advisor who I googled and discovered. Now we’re paying for our family vacation without losing sleep and we’ve never been stronger as a family

  13. My husband divorce me said he is doing business and mash up his family for green card 30yrs he is 64yrs oh my God

  14. I am concerned will my wife be entitled to my pension ,ok so I have not actually met my future wife ,but I am sure when we do I will eventually hate her and split

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  17. For guys considering filing for divorce. The whole process nearly killed me, but in the end it was the best decision I ever made. Female on male psychological abuse is real, and very dangerous. If you are considering it, and your spouse isn’t willing to get help, then my advice is that it’s time to bail.

  18. This isn’t very helpful…. get sleep without drugs… hmmm? Don’t journal… put off feeling until later? Are you kidding? He stated things that need to happen… basically get over it. But how?? I would suggest a few things to all of you. 1. Start exercising DAILY! 2. Talk with trusted friends, but not co-workers or family. 3. Get a message if you can once a month. 4. Don’t start a new romantic relationship until you feel really ready. 5. Try to get some time to spend alone and away from people outside your home. It will take time to start to heal and it you may never be the same again. One thing he said is true; many many people go through this. So, don’t beat yourself up. Move ahead cautiously and realize that your head isn’t in the right place to make big decisions. Don’t go out there making bad decisions that you might regret. Take care. I feel for you. THERE IS A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!!!!!

  19. I am currently going through divorce with my husband of 9 years. It literally feels like death. The betrayal and all of this has seriously given me PTSD. I expected for my husband and I to be together forever and this happened! He was the only man I have been with. He just turned into a nightmare because of our issues. I was not innocent in all of this but I would have never thought of cheating on him like he did to me. The first time it happened I said ok we can get through this. But he turned it into a habit and said he wanted a divorce. He had it in his mind for a while that he wanted to leave and he finally did it. Everyone tells me its not my fault and he has personal issues but I still struggle with the guilt of feeling like I was a bad wife. I also deal with the guilt of loving someone that doesn’t even respect me. When we first got married he was the most loving and kindest person. I thank God we have no children in this ordeal. I hate myself for still loving him and wanting to work this out. I have the support at my fingertips emotionally, mentally and spiritually. But I need a lot of work. I have nightmares, i cant sleep, i have mental images of him being intimate with other women racing through my head and I starting to find myself becoming bitter. I pray so hard to just get through the day and to block these thoughts. I have never in my life gone through anything so devastating and heartbreaking!

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  21. I am absolutely sick going through my divorce. My ex is a severe alcoholic and it seems like nobody in the system is holding her accountable for her behavior as a mother. Everyone is holding me accountable for protecting my son from her. It cost 12000 dollars to have a limited supervised access schedule put in place and the kicker is that children’s aid already revoked her privilege to be alone with him. Because I was in the home there was no court order leaving me to pay to get it done. And as an honest man i got screwed going up against a pretty little lyer in court. Shame on the system.

  22. Survivorship guilt is relevant as a parent sure, but what about the children who feel guilty but aren’t? What now seems relevant but is it a different approach for someone who has never had a lover?

  23. The only thing more sadistic than marriage is re-marriage.

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  25. Curious what makes David Sbarra an expert on Surviving Divorce? Try it sometime and then try your advice. Guarantee your going to delete this video afterwards.

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  27. Wow. This guy is amazingly clueless. I usually find Ted Talks rather beneficial or interesting. This guy is on another planet and clearly knows nothing about what divorce is like. I found absolutely nothing in this to be of value. I want my 9:14 back.

  28. After my ex file for divorce in May, she was already sleeping with someone else in August, after 12 year marriage and 2 kids.

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  30. So helpful to hear advice from men gone through the process. Gives me hope that I can GROW through this too!

  31. Wife told me 2 weeks ago today that she no longer loves me and wants a divorce and to move out, married 9 yrs..didn’t see it coming..i am a home anymore..just lost..feeling hopeless..

  32. Thank you. I am sending this to my sister in hopes that she can pull herself up before she loses her children. She has the sleep like a baby part down, but that is all she is doing. I’m so worried about her.

  33. I used to think singlehood was reserved for a special portion of the population. People who had a lot to do with their lives and were best forging ahead on their own. Now, I strongly hold the view that it is marriage that is for a special few. People who can remain loyal throughout all the changes their partners will go through in the years. People who are incredibly selfless. This is to say, if you know you have even one selfish bone in Your body, DO NOT GET MARRIED.

  34. you know when you want to divorce and be done well you cant do that with my ex in law family they wont leave you alone. its like were divorced now you guys turned out to be the biggest chauvinist pigs the whole clan never hope to see you guys again

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  36. I don’t have or feel any kind of pleasure I want to die that’s all I think about, I have pulled myself back together I got my job back with a raise?! I’m back on top of the world and still I don’t want to have anything to do with it all

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