Talking to children about separation and divorce

Talking to children about separation and divorce

Relate counsellor Paula Hall gives practical tips on how to talk to your children about separation and divorce. Relate’s Being Parents Apart campaign aims to raise awareness of the challenges that separation brings and let parents know that we’re here to help.


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  2. I’m just watching this because I’m trying to understand why my parents divorced. Because you aren’t supposed to tell your children because court looks down on it. Because I was neglected by my mom.

  3. My parents have separated and I’m dealing with it fine, however I have some younger siblings. Do you have any advice how to speak to them about it to help them deal with the situation?

  4. I’m getting divorced because of physical abuse and narcissistic abuse. The kids have seen it been mentally abused by him. I’m sitting them down later this week to talk to them.

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