1. This becomes slightly less funny when you realize there is likely some real life couple who has had this exact conversation.

  2. It’s extra fun when you consider what fusion means in SU. Now I want to see this with Ruby and Saphire, after one of them fuses with another Gem by themselves.

  3. Now that I think about it, I wonder how would TFS Vegeta feel that Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien Shinhan were once his rivals too…

  4. It would be hilarious for me if this kind of dynamic made Vegeta more of a family man with Bulma and their kids as a result

  5. Ultra Instinct Goku – tries to avoid and dodges responsibility

    Ultra Ego Vegeta – gets pleasure in getting slapped around

  6. Still waiting on the Majin Buu saga. I thought they were "burned out" on doing Dragon Ball? Ya know, the thing that got them noticed that they turned their back on?

  7. “Oh there it is. After fifteen years I just don’t excite you anymore is that it?”

    I am in absolute shambles.

  8. Vegeta should end things with Goku at this point. First off he holds back by not going ss3 against him when he was majin, and now he cheats on him with hit….Goku doesn’t deserve him

  9. Vegeta felt disrespected when Goku fought others such as beerus or jiren but he knew Goku would come back to him. Now…. he’s not so sure 💔

  10. This is exactly why the series needs to make a comeback. If they don’t someone else will take over, but I personally like TFS and their take on the abridged series. The references, the jokes and running gags make this parody top tier

  11. And this is why I want them to just skip Buu or blitz right through it so we can get to Super!

    So~ much potential for giggles!

  12. Hit: so. . . Where do we go from here?
    Goku: hmm oh uh sorry hit I sense a massive power coming from jiren I just gotta fight him!!!
    *Goku blasts off to fight jiren*
    Hit: what. . . What just happened?
    Vegeta: kakarot is being a battle wh0r€ is what’s happening. . .
    Hit: oh my god is this what you felt like?
    Vegeta: . . . .
    Hit: I’m sorry. . .
    Vegeta: no no. . It’s. . . it’s okay. .

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