1. If you decide to have kids in Texas it’s not as bad compared to other states hands down. My brother who lives in Oregon has to pay until his child is 24 if he’s attending college. In Texas it ends when your child gets down with high school or turns 18.

    I made a huge mistake though, I actually thought my ex was going to be decent since I was helping her with no only child support, but also with her bills after I left. Now she is going after 2 years back child support, spousal maintenance, pay her taxes on the house, pay her attorney fees, and wants me to wait 2 years before she sells the house. All this and she makes double what I make. She has turned my kids against me where they won’t even speak to me. Much of this I guess just won’t happen according to my attorney, but I have lost all respect for her.

    Moral of the story, no matter how well you get along after you split up, go get a attorney and file asap.

  2. I just called Mrs. Diggs and secretary said that I must pay $700 dollars just to see if she can help me? may be just a fraud like many others attorneys.

  3. She is under contract. The American Bar Association is under contract OCSE. She will never help a non-custodial parent. It is not in a Lawyers best interest. Child Support is broken up to have these umbrella contracted state agency’s that do the money gabbing for the executive branch of the Government. Layer want fathers to be in arrears, that’s how they make their money. Money being pay straight to the custodial parent in not a win for the Federal government or the Lawyers who made the CP Laws.

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  5. in other words fellas if you have money have sex with some chick in a different country have that kid and start a family at least then you won’t have to lose your kids and your money

  6. Talk to someone in charge. $5600, at 6% interest gets paid off in 8 yrs or so at $80/month.

    So,something’s not right. Don’t wait another 13 years, go to your bank and get a loan’s officer to help you figure it out. (and maybe a loan there is better!)

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  8. Lets see I pay 475 plus 80 for back pay a month for the last 13 years my back childsupport started at 5600 here 13 years later its 8,000 dollars come to find out they charge 6% interest when your behind even with payment arrangenents because that’s the law so its like my 80 bucks amonth for the last 13 years has done nothing….Texas childsupport is so designed to screw the dads and all the extra money I give her for clothes video game systems medical cost……I’m so pissed 🙁

  9. I have a question for you..Is Child Support a Title IV D de facto courtroom that has no judicial power and limited JURISDiCTION with no JURISDiCTION on the Natural Man unless Natural Man is Ignorant to Contract Law ..There is no such thing as court ordered child support because child support is a single n separate private agency see CFR 654 (3)..Child support orders are void AB initio because the Child Support Title IV A agency will not be able to validate the debt will not have an undertaking filed with the clerk..They will not be able to prove subject matter JURISDiCTION over a MAN..You people are funny!! You will laugh and keep a veil over the eyes of the ignorant minors to extort money to build the federal reserve banks and claim a person owes a debt that you mufukas take out on the SSN and charge the ignorant LEGAL FICTION FATHER TO PAY BACK A LIAN THAT HE NEVER TOOK OUT…YOU GON GET LIENED ON TOO..DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU..TREASON FRAUD VIOLATION OF CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED RIGHTS UNDER COLOR OF LAW CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS EXTORTION..DUE PROCESS VIOLATIOBS KIDNAPPING COERCIVE INCARCERATION..YOU MUFUKAS GON GET WHATS COMING TO YOU IN THE FORM OF COMMERCIAL LIENS..IN COMMERCE YOU FAKE AZ JUDGES ATTORNEYS LOSE ALL SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY WHEN ACTING IN A FIDUCUARY CAPACITY..NOTICE OF DEMANDS COMING ATCHA SOON

  10. Thank you for the information, I have to appear in court next week for child support modification and it helps to some knowledge of how things work.

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