The Good Silver

The Good Silver

After experiencing his own personal Beatlemania as a kid digging through his aunt’s record collection, Jason Kundrath came of age when electric guitars reclaimed the mainstream.

The birth of grunge coincided with the dissolution of his parents’ marriage, and he found the genre served as both an emotional catharsis and shield. His guitar became his therapy.

Landing in Sparta, NJ, after the divorce, Jason met bassist Rob Fitzgerald. They became friends and started a band that would eventually become Hero Pattern, with Jason’s younger brother Michael on drums and fellow Spartan Pierre Marceau on lead guitar. Together, they interlaced brash rock ‘n’ roll energy with structured pop sensibilities. They bought a van, hit the road, and built a small fan base.

The band released The Reception EP (split with Val Emmich, 2001), Cut You Out (2003), The Deception EP (2006) and So Long To Everything You Knew (Japanese only release 2006). In 2008, the band broke up, exhausted, scrapping plans for a third LP.

In the wake of it all, Jason spent a few years away from his guitar before writing songs again. For awhile, he collaborated with different musicians and experimented with several lineups. But after reconnecting with his former bandmate Pierre Marceau, the music began to take shape once again. Completing the new sound with bassist Ed Sherry (Malvador) and drummer Christian Kisala (Fairmont, the Bitter Chills), Jason dubbed the band The Good Silver and has continued to write and record music, exploring lyrical themes of life, love, pain and progress from his own perspective. The band plans to release an album later this year.

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