Today in Clash royale we talk about some of my favorite idea I have come up with! I really hope you guys enjoy the video! I would love to know some of the ideas you have to make clash royale fresh! Thanks for all the support on clash royale videos lately!
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  1. I really like that Clash of clan girl warrior they made not that long ago, I can imagine it throwing its shield and hitting a few opponents cards and slowing them down a little bit

  2. for an air defense
    a canon floating in the air from balloons
    when destroyed drops a canon cart but the canon cart is on second life

  3. I have an idea for a card that can’t be moved by a tornado or fisherman. Once the card locks on… it’s locked on kind of like the cannon cart. This unit would make interesting interactions like the wizard changing target when u put a skeleton army on it.

  4. Idea: Meteors 4 or 5 elixir Rare card
    Basically a spell that drops 5-8 rocks any where in the arena
    Tower DMG: 225-275 Troop DMG: 700-900

  5. What about a speed card called “the wall” it can only be played on your side defending both air and ground spells and troops … maybe like 5 tiles long but extremely high to block troops to make them go around for a period of time … or to counter other spells like if the log is played you place the wall and the wall will have died or less time but the log will be gone and your tower safe

  6. I had an idea for a card: the reaper
    Btw while reading this I know it might sound strange but just bare with me
    So this thing is like a spirit, as it is a troop and its attack would “kill itself”. But because it is a full in reaper, it’s attack would completely kill its target. It’s target would be like the lightning spell, but this reaper only targets one troop, and obviously it would target the biggest troop. It does only target ground, though. It costs 5 elixir, and has strange properties, which I will explain. This troop would either have infinite health or not be able to be targeted in the first place, as it is supposed to be like the grim reaper, but maybe this could be changed, idk.
    It’s attack is hard to explain, but it would go like this: it would locate its target, which it would want to be the biggest. But it’s a troop, unlike lightning, so the coding to do this would be like this; it looks at one troop, then scans the area around that troop in like a 3 tile radius. It finds the highest health troop in that radius, and that is its set target. Now that it has its target, it’s takes a second to prepare its attack, during this time it would stand still and sort of ‘charge’. Then it dashes onto the target, scythe out and ready to take this troop’s life. Once it makes contact, it and its target both disappear from the arena, essentially killing both troops. (It would also play any death animations for the troop, like a weapon hitting the ground)
    Now, you might think this is OP, as you might say “But this thing could instakill a tower!” But that’s the thing. It can’t target a tower. This is what makes it different from heavy spells, as it is reserved only for troops, not buildings.
    Now here are a few details about it:
    Slow movement speed, like the grim reaper
    4 tile prescan targeting range
    It skips any shields a troop might have (guards, dark prince, royal recruit, etc.)
    It doesn’t care about the bandits dash attack, so the bandit couldn’t possibly “dodge death”, but it would be unable to target a hidden ghost, unlike lightning.
    Because it doesn’t target buildings, idk it’s interaction with the cannon cart (that turns into a building after killed). It would probably not target it in the first place, as a cannon cart isn’t a living thing. But it would still target sparky
    It could have a “spooky” animation like the poison spell after its attack
    Once locked onto its final target, it doesn’t care about range, and can reach truly anywhere.
    If there was no enemy troop and it was moving towards a princess tower, it would stop at the bridge, or out of range of a tower. If the enemy troop somehow died after it crossed, it would retreat or something, idk.

    If you have any questions about this card that I could possibly answer, reply below!

  7. What about the defuser he defuses bombs in 0.5 seconds but take 1.5 seconds to deploy and can’t be placed within the bombs aoe

  8. Back to the jester idea the 5 bombs have different effects. Like one would be similar to zap another to freeze and a regular bomb.

  9. For your second idea, would ground-targeting only troops like lava hound or giant just stand there and not target the floating tower? How would that work then.

  10. One thing I think we will never get, is something that steals your opponent’s troops. How cool would that be, like a rogue or defector or something. It could even be a spell ^^

  11. My favorite idea is bag of wind that blows your troops away from it but pushes heavier troops not as far and lighter troops further
    Ex: Blow a sparky out of range of a rocket or blow troops away from a giant skelly bomb

  12. the idea of a floating defence tower, im thinking maybe a floating wizard tower cause it makes sense if the tower is floating with a wizard on it

  13. I think it would be cool with with a hologram lasting 20 seconds. It would appear to pull troops but when they came there it would go away.
    Edit: Another thing would be a house mom who would either sing for enemy troops and they would fall asleep for 2 seconds or something like that or she would feed them and make them so full that they got slowed down and drop they’re weapons every 1 second for 5 seconds.

  14. Imagine the spy where it makes it to where you can see your opponents deck and a spy pops up on the opponents screen and they have to tap it 3 times to make it go away

  15. Troops that don’t so damage will NOT work. What will they do then? Will the just stand? If they will walk them where do they walk to? The tower? Then what does it do when it gets to the tower? It wouldn’t work…

  16. Why cant we get a pirate card? Has a cannon for range like a hunter and when he gets hit one time he switches to a sword and would have a patch and pegleg

  17. Idea: marlin legendary card 6 elixir
    He will deploy a zap when u place him in the arena like the E-wiz in shoots fireballs that slow the enemy troops down. Basically a mix between the three wizards
    DMG: 210
    HP: 649
    Slowdown troops 25% (10% less than the ice wiz)

  18. Some of these are good, and they’re all great ideas, but they would be so difficult to play against. They’d be cool, but they’d be extremely frustrating. I do like the floating island idea the most, it’s be extremely viable.

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