The man stepped on a mine, but the best brother deliberately planted

The man stepped on a mine, but the best brother deliberately planted

Three young American friends, invited to travel to the Eurasian border country Georgia, but unexpectedly in the line through the remote wilderness, one of them accidentally stepped on the local national war left behind a mine, is worried about the danger of the moment, but exploded the two men and one woman friends between the unspeakable cheating relationship, and just when the three debate whether to forgive each other, each other abandoned and seek local rescue, a hunting Georgia aborigines appear, so that the original standing on the mine anxious as a hot pot of young people, from now on facing the choice of love and life and death, but whether his choice can get God’s blessing, stepping on the mine whether he still has a miracle to turn the situation around?

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  1. If you step on a land mine and you can see that you stepped on it, your fine. Mines go off when you step on them. Plus that’s an anti tank mine needs A LOT more weight to trigger it

  2. Mines dont work like that, if they click they go boom if they dont go boom then its probly anti tank mine or defective so you better haul butt

  3. Realistically, a Landmine would have gone off immediately had it been stepped on by someone. The bomb gets set off by someone’s foot putting pressure on it, not the other way around.

  4. Yeah no… if you step on a mine it is BOOM… it explodes when presure is added, not released… they all would have died instantly, movie over, no more story…

  5. So.. he wanted to kill them all? And get it on photo? Lol thats some sick twisted shit 🤣😂
    Siskel, and Eeeeeebert give it 👍👍

  6. Just a reminder if you stepped on a mine you can step right back off of them.
    They don’t have a delay that’d be pointless and give you time to run, it would have already exploded and done its damage.
    Well, that’s not true. The bouncing Betty landmine has a delay but even then, it won’t save you to keep your foot on it

  7. This is just nonsense, if you step on a mine, it blows up, you don’t need to step off one for it to blow up

  8. If a mine doesn’t blow up when you step on it then it isn’t an anti personnel mine. They trigger when you step on it not when you step off it. Lol

  9. if you step on a mine and are alive long enough to realize that, you can probably walk off because mines don’t trigger when you step off, they trigger when they’re stepped ON

  10. … Mines don’t work like that. They don’t wait for your weight to be removed before detonating.

  11. Why wouldn’t they just grab a rock, slide his foot out of his shoe while holding it down and put the rock on the shoe. Ding, problem solved

  12. The guy is bluffing, I won’t take a picture with someone on a landmine, I just ain’t suicidal.

  13. Anti personnel mines detonate immediately, anti vehicle ones denote after time so the convoy behind the vehicle that ran over gets hit or sum like that

  14. I…don’t think that’s how landmines work if they are functioning properly.

    My guy would have lost his leg and the other guys legs too the moment he stepped on it

  15. Fun fact: even without cell signal you can call emergency services 🙂 its a law that makes it where your phone connects to the nearest cell tower anyway

  16. just want to let you know that mines don’t work like that, mines will immediately explode when stepped on, and not like this.

  17. Fun fact, there are two types of mines antipersonnel mines and anti tank mines the differences, antipersonnel mines take a few clicks in order to blow up anti tank mines go boom immediately or it’s the other way around

  18. If a mine doesn’t explode immediately it won’t blow up at all unless its malfunctioning

  19. If it’s an antitank mine then jokes on him, it takes the weight of a tank to set it off.

  20. they are stupid because they have to find a rock pot it on the mind and go away from the mind and call the police

  21. Man I’m the person standing on that mine I telling him I want a hug then letting go and jumping away and I know I will most likely to die but I still killed him and went out with a bang😅

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